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RTT Medical joins RegenMed Hub Innovation Accelerator

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WINSTON-SALEM, NC, August 1, 2022 – RTT Medical is the newest tenant of the Innovation Accelerator, a support ecosystem created by the RegenMed Development Organization (ReMDO) to help companies with new or emerging regenerative medicine technologies speed up the translation of products to patients.

RTT Medical produces regenerative tissue technologies. The company’s first market product is its XCelliStem Wound Powder, a custom blend of materials that facilitates healing and repair of wounds and burns.

“Our extracellular matrix product line addresses a large, growing and underserved market,” said Rodney Bosley, CEO of RTT Medical. “We believe the support provided by the Accelerator will be instrumental in helping us push our research and development forward. Our goal is to provide clinically driven regenerative medicine solutions to improve patients’ lives.”

RTT Medical is developing products for the management of wounds, including: partial and full-thickness wounds, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, venous ulcers, chronic vascular ulcers, tunneled/undermined wounds, surgical wounds, trauma wounds, and draining wounds, all referred to as soft tissue repair.

The Innovation Accelerator comes from two driving forces of the regenerative medicine field, ReMDO, and its collaborating research partner, the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM). The Accelerator supports innovation from research to commercialization for regenerative medicine start-ups and growth companies by providing space and support along with access to ReMDO’s Test Bed. The Test Bed provides access to state-of-the-art biomanufacturing equipment, industry expertise, and talent to support novel prototyping and commercial product development.

“We are excited to see RTT’s presence in the RegenMed Hub in Winston-Salem, bringing forward wound healing products which are greatly needed,” said Anthony Atala, MD, director of WFIRM. “With support from the Test Bed and many area businesses that support the regenerative medicine field, we believe these companies can be successful in getting their technologies commercialized. This endeavor helps us advance the regenerative medicine field nationally.”

The Innovation Accelerator is a key component of the established Regenerative Medicine Hub (RegenMed Hub), an ecosystem that brings together and draws upon the resources and talent available through the Innovation Quarter, and includes regenerative medicine focused entities dedicated to advancing the field nationwide.

“A number of regenerative medicine start-ups and established companies already operate in the RegenMed Hub,” said Gary Green, Chief Operations Officer of ReMDO. “The Hub offers expansive resources for entrepreneurs and life science professionals.”

The RegenMed Hub, based in the Innovation Quarter, brings together and draws upon the resources and talent available through the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

About the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine: The Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine is recognized as an international leader in translating scientific discovery into clinical therapies, with many world firsts, including the development and implantation of the first engineered organ in a patient. Over 400 people at the institute, the largest in the world, work on more than 40 different tissues and organs. A number of the basic principles of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine were first developed at the institute. WFIRM researchers have successfully engineered replacement tissues and organs in all four categories – flat structures, tubular tissues, hollow organs and solid organs – and 15 different applications of cell/tissue therapy technologies, such as skin, urethras, cartilage, bladders, muscle, kidney, and vaginal organs, have been successfully used in human patients. The institute, which is part of Wake Forest School of Medicine, is located in the Innovation Quarter in downtown Winston-Salem, NC, and is driven by the urgent needs of patients. The institute is making a global difference in regenerative medicine through collaborations with over 400 entities and institutions worldwide, through its government, academic and industry partnerships, its start-up entities, and through major initiatives in breakthrough technologies, such as tissue engineering, cell therapies, diagnostics, drug discovery, biomanufacturing, nanotechnology, gene editing and 3D printing. 




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