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Ultrafast Science announces the winners of the 1st Women in Ultrafast Science Global Award

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the Winners of the 1st Women in Ultrafast Science Global  Award

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Credit: Ultrafast Science

We are honored to announce the winners of the First Women in Ultrafast Science Global Award 2022.

Launched on 8 March, as of 30 May, the activity has received 28 applications from 10 countries, all come from internationally renowned academic institutions such as RIKEN, EPFL, Leibniz Institute of Photonics Technology, ICFO, Tsinghua University. 

After the preliminary selection, 12 female scientists stood out, and they present their scientific achievements in the final round for the Women in Ultrafast Science Global Award . 

After two rounds of selection, 6 female researchers stood out.

One first-class prize:
Shuyun Zhou from Tsinghua University, “Ultrafast dynamics of quantum materials by time- and angle- resolved photoemission spectroscopy”

Two second-class prizes:
Xiaojun Wu from Beihang University, “13.5-mJ Terahertz Radiation from Lithium Niobates” 
Yiwen E from University of Rochester, “When laser meets liquids”

Three third-class prizes:
Yu-Chieh Lin from RIKEN, “Optical parametric amplifier of a sub-cycle shortwave infrared pulses”
Ileana-Cristina Benea-Chelmus from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne(EPFL), “Integrated photonic circuits for terahertz applications”
Maria Chernysheva from Leibniz Institute of Photonics Technology, “Stability performance and collision dynamics in a free-running bidirectional mode-locked fibre laser”

“These winners' presentations are truly outstanding, highlighting the quality and passion of their research achievements in ultrafast science.”Prof. X.-C. Zhang said with conviction.“We are excited to virtually gather to celebrate these incredible academic achievements.”said Dr. Jiangbo She, managing editor of the Ultrafast Science.

Through this event, more women and girls are encouraged to pursue academic careers in ultrafast science fields.
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Thanks again to all the applicants and the wonderful reports!

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