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Investing in longevity biotechnology: VC panel discusses opportunities at Aging Research and Drug Discovery Conference

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InSilico Medicine

Investing in Longevity Biotechnology VC Panel

image: On Aug. 31, a panel of top VC investors in longevity biotechnology will talk about opportunities in the space and why they are betting on technologies that will let us live longer and better lives. view more 

Credit: Insilico Medicine

Investor interest in extending human longevity has never been higher. Analysts estimate that the market to help us live longer will be worth over $600 billion by 2025. On Wed., Aug. 31, as part of the 9th Annual Aging Research and Drug Discovery conference at the University of Copenhagen, a panel of top venture capital investors in longevity biotechnology will talk about opportunities in the space and why they are betting on technologies that will let us live longer and better lives.

The panel will be moderated by Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD, Founder and CEO of Insilico Medicine, a clinical stage biotech company whose end-to-end artificial intelligence target discovery platform, PandaOmics, has uncovered dual-purpose targets for aging and disease.

Panelists include leading venture capitalists in the longevity biotechnology space, including:

Alexandra Bause, PhD, cofounder at Apollo Heath Ventures which develops interventions with the potential to prevent or reverse age-related diseases and extend healthy human lifespan. Dr. Bause leads the venture creation programs that aim at founding new biotech startups targeting the aging process at a molecular level. She is also managing the pipeline and diligence process for external investment opportunities, predominantly focusing on preclinical stage biotech companies.

Mehmood Khan, CEO of Hevolution Foundation. Hevolution is a first of its kind non-profit organization that funds research through grants and provides investments in biotech to incentivize healthspan science across disciplines and borders for the benefit of all. Established by a Saudi Royal Decree with its headquarters in Riyadh with additional international hubs to support the expansion and execute the global mission.

James Peyer, CEO and Co-Founder of Cambrian Biopharma, a partner in the pursuit of expanded healthspan. James was previously Founder and Managing Partner at Apollo Ventures, the first global longevity-focused venture capital firm.

Anastasia Georgievskaya, CEO at Haut.AI, a skincare SAAS that is harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence to slow down or even reverse age-associated changes starting from the first frontier – human skin.

Laurence Ion, Dealflow Steward of VitaDAO, the world’s first decentralized collective funding early stage longevity research with a mission “to extend the human lifespan by researching, financing, and commercializing longevity therapeutics in an open and democratic manner.”

Kristen Fortney, PhD, cofounder and CEO of BioAge, a clinical-stage biotech company that is using  artificial intelligence approaches to identify and target the molecular pathways that drive human aging with a mission to develop a broad pipeline of therapies that increase healthspan and lifespan.

Garri Zmudze, founding partner of LongeVC, a venture capital company supporting early-stage biotech and longevity-focused founders.


About the Aging Research & Drug Discovery conference

The 9th annual Aging Research and Drug Discovery (ARDD) conference brings together leading academic and industry speakers in aging research with prominent startups, venture capitalists, and editors of industry journals. The event is being held virtually and in person at the University of Copenhagen Aug. 29-Sept. 2.

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