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Ethics of a Mandatory Waiting Period for Female Sterilization

Jessica Amalraj and Kavita Shah Arora

The current Medicaid sterilization waiting period for females—30 days in most circumstances--is clinically and ethically unjustifiable. The authors argue that the policy ought to be revised in light of the goals, preferences, and concerns of the people most affected by it. The current mandated waiting period does little to enforce the high-quality shared decision-making that is desired for sterilization counseling.

Carbon Emissions from Overuse of U.S. Health Care: Medical and Ethical Problems

Cassandra Thiel and Cristina Richie

The United States health care industry is the second largest in the world, expending nearly 8 percent of the country's total emissions. Hospital care and clinical service sectors contribute the most carbon dioxide within the U.S. health care industry. This essay identifies overuse of health care as a health threat with serious ethical implications, offers a data-driven action plan for carbon reduction in health care, and provides practical suggestions for more sustainable health care delivery in the United States.

Also in this issue:

Do Health Care Organizations Have Legitimate Responsibilities beyond the Delivery of Health Care? Insights from Citizenship Theory, Lauren A. Taylor, Folasade C. Lapite, and Kelsey N. Berry

Reproductive Embryo Editing: Attending to Justice, Inmaculada De Melo-Martín

Perspective: Ourselves, with Dementia, Rebecca Dresser

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