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Burnout is real – here’s what leaders need to do about it

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De Gruyter

Fired Up! A Guide to Transforming Your Team from Burnout to Engagement

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In the newly released book, Fired Up! A Guide to Transforming Your Team from Burnout to Engagement, organizational leadership experts Mia B. Russell and Girvin Liggans have collected compelling data, relevant stories, and timely strategies to make the case for cultivating a culture of engagement in the workplace. Burnout, one of the most pressing challenges of our time, is an organizational problem that is contagious – but can also be mitigated using evidence-based strategies. Russell and Liggans offer a practical three step approach that leaders can employ to improve their work environment and drive engagement for their team.

“Burnout is an organizational problem that we are positioning leaders and managers to address. As we navigate the Great Resignation and employees rethink how they want to live and work, the smart and accessible principles in this book will empower leaders to take action and drive positive change,” said Mia Russell, co-author of Fired Up! and lecturer in the Center for Leadership Education at Johns Hopkins University. Girvin Liggans, Fired Up! co-author, further explained that “Disentangling the complex relationships within the work environment using the Organization, Job, and Personal Framework will help leaders create a climate of trust, respect and fairness. Only then can leaders truly understand and identify strategies that will improve the energy, involvement, and energy within their team.”

In this new book, Russell and Liggans assert that individuals deserve to work in environments built upon purpose, autonomy, and mastery that span the individual, team, and organization. Grounded in theory and practice, Russell and Liggans share a framework to compartmentalize the work environment and tools to help leaders build an action plan for their team to avoid, overcome, and recover from burnout.

The book’s use of research on burnout and engagement has been well received and awarded high praise from leading industry experts like Daniel Pink and Paul White, best-selling author of The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, who said “Russell and Liggans provide a principle-based approach to leadership that delineates the factors which lead to the exhaustion and reduced effectiveness created by burnout. While thoroughly evidence-based, practical steps are given to move team members from burnout to active engagement. Fired Up! is a foundational resource every leader will highly value.“

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