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BGI's monkeypox virus nucleic acid detection kit receives CE-IVDD certification and is utilized in Saudi Arabia

BGI's kits helped to detect Saudi Arabia's first imported case of Monkeypox on Jul 14, 2022

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BGI’s Monkeypox Virus Nucleic Acid Detection Kit

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Credit: BGI Genomics

BGI announces that its Monkeypox Virus Nucleic Acid Detection Kit (Fluorescent PCR) has obtained CE-IVDD approval in May 2022.

This kit adopts the fluorescence PCR method to detect the MPV-1 gene and MPV-2 gene fragment of the Monkeypox virus (MPV).

The detection kit is a clinical diagnosis aid to detect suspected cases of MPV infection. Rash fluid, nasopharyngeal swabs, pharyngeal swabs, and serum samples are applicable for the test. The test result is available in 40 minutes after collecting samples.

Monkeypox is an acute zoonotic infectious disease caused by MPV. The disease is mainly transmitted by animals but can also be transmitted between people, through respiratory droplets during prolonged, face-to-face contact, contact with patient body fluids, or contaminated objects.

The clinical symptoms of MPV infection in humans are similar to smallpox. Generally, after a 6 to 13-day incubation period, symptoms such as fever, headache, muscle and back pain, fatigue, and rash will appear. 

On May 25, 2022, Saudi Arabia approached BGI with a request for MPV test kits as part of its ongoing efforts to safeguard public health. BGI responded swiftly while its Saudi technicians helped to validate and test the reagents to ensure that the kits could be used in Saudi Arabia smoothly. These kits helped to detect the Kingdom's first imported case of Monkeypox on Jul 14, 2022. This patient was treated in Riyadh, and close contacts all tested negative. 

"Recent case reports from Europe and North America have raised the possibility that some monkeypox infections may be asymptomatic or very mildly symptomatic and, thus, can easily remain unnoticed, " said Yujing Wang, BGI Product Manager. "As such, rapid and accurate detection and identification of monkeypox virus is particularly critical," she noted. 

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