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A special issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology highlights the new frontier of theranostics

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Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology Theranostics Supplement

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Reston, VA — A special issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology (JNMT) focuses on theranostics, a nuclear medicine innovation that allows a cancer treatment to be tailored to a specific patient, optimizing their outcome. The issue explores theranostics as it relates to technologists and includes articles on quality and practice management, imaging, and radiation safety, as well as continuing education articles.  

“Theranostics”—derived from the terms “therapeutics” and “diagnostics”—uses a targeted radiopharmaceutical to both image and treat a tumor. Theranostics is currently used to treat neuroendocrine tumors, thyroid cancer and prostate cancer and has the potential to be used for many other types of cancer in the future.

“In the past 50-plus years, the diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging have significantly advanced thanks to the constant improvement in imaging technology and continuous addition of new diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals,” said JNMT editor Kathy S. Thomas, MHA, CNMT, PET, FSNMMI-TS. “Today, excitement in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging lies in the new frontier of theranostics, and technologists are well-positioned to take an active lead as the field of theranostics grows.”

Articles in the special issue include:

  • Going Nuclear with Amino Acids and Proteins: Basic Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Primer for the Technologist
    Krystle Glasgow, Mike Dillard, Eric Hertenstein, Allen Justin, Remo George, and Amy Brady
  • Practical Considerations for Implementation of 177Lu-DOTATATE Neuroendocrine Tumor Treatment Programs
    Diane K. Soulek, Molly E. Martin, Nic J. Mastascusa, and Stephen A. Graves
  • 177Lu-DOTATATE Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy
    Amanda Abbott and Heather Jacene
  • 177Lu-PSMA Therapy
    Ephraim E. Parent, Bital Savir-Baruch, Isis W. Gayed, Frankis Almaguel, Bennett B. Chin, Austin R. Pantel, Evan Armstrong, Amanda Morley, Robin C. Ippisch, and Robert R. Flavell
  • The Nuclear Medicine Technologist’s Role in Theranostics: SNMMI-TS Advocacy’s Vision
    Dmitry D. Beyder, Cheryl L. Rickley, Tricia L. Peters, Jeremy L. Iman, and Christina M. Arenas
  • Analysis of Residence Time, Effective Half-Life, and Internal Dosimetry Before Radioiodine Therapy
    Caio Vinicius de Oliveira, Tatiane Sabriela Cagol Camozzato, Patricia Fernanda Dorow, and Jessica Pasqueta
  • Stability Matters: Radiochemical Stability of Therapeutic Radiopharmaceutical 177Lu-PSMA I&T
    Madhusudan Vyas, Remy Lim, Jessica Fagan, and Rudresh Chandrashekar
  • Discordance Between Histopathologic Grading and Dual-Tracer PET/CT Findings in Metastatic NETs and Outcome of 177Lu-DOTATATE PRRT: Does In Vivo Molecular PET Perform Better from the Viewpoint of Prediction of Tumor Biology?
    Aadil Adnan and Sandip Basu
  • Validation of Convolutional Neural Networks for Fast Determination of Whole-Body Metabolic Tumor Burden in Pediatric Lymphoma
    Elba Etchebehere, Rebeca Andrade, Mariana Camacho, Mariana Lima, Anita Brink, Juliano Cerci, Helen Nadel, Chandrasekhar Bal, Venkatesh Rangarajan, Thomas Pfluger, et al.
  • Reducing Radiation Exposure from PET Patients
    Shorouk F. Dannoon, Saud Alenezi, Naheel Alnafisi, Samar Almutairi, Fatma Dashti, Medhat M. Osman, and Abdelhamid Elgazzar
  • Radiation Dose to Medical Staff from Administering 177Lu-PSMA-DKFZ-617 Therapy
    Elahe Mahmoudi, Elahe Pirayesh, Mohammad Reza Deevband, Mahasti Amoui, Mohammadali Ghodsi Rad, Mehrdad Ghorbani Rad, and Mahdi Ghorbani
  • Plus brief communications, a teaching case study, and three practical protocols.

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