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DGIST preliminary start-up team, “Some,New,” wins Science and ICT Minister Prize at 2022 National ICT Smart Device Contest

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DGIST (Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology)

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□ DGIST’s (President Kuk Yang) preliminary start-up team “Some,New” won the Science and ICT Minister Award at the “2022 National ICT Smart Device Contest.”


□ Some,New's 'Highly Durable Conductive Fiber Project' is on 'developing conductive fiber and producing smart clothing using high-technology' by developing practical fibers with excellent washability and durability based on the technology developed by a team comprising DGIST Professor Lee Sung-won's lab members, Dr. Jeong Woo-seong, Ph.D. candidates Ma Yo-han and Choi Hyeok-Joo, and master's students Lee Seon-Hak and Lee Seon-Min.


□ “Some,new” co-representative Dr. Jeong Woo-Sung said, “We will do our best to contribute to the local economy by developing a conductive fiber-based medical device that can be optimized for Daegu, the mecca of the textile industry under the slogan of Medicity.” The other co-representative and Ph.D. candidate Ma Yo-han said, “We were able to receive the Minister’s Award thanks to the support of DGIST and the help of the professor and team members. We will put more efforts to make Some,New a successful company in the future.”


□ “Some,New” was established by talented individuals who won various awards such as the SMEs and Start-ups Minister Award, the Science and ICT Minister Award, and the National Research Foundation Sejong Science Fellowship Award. It was also selected for DGIST’s “Laboratory Specialized Start-up Leading University Project” in 2022 and the “Preliminary Start-up Package Start-up Preschool” by the Daegu Center for Creative Economy and Innovation.


□ Meanwhile, the theme of the “National ICT Smart Device Contest,” which celebrated its ninth anniversary this year, was 'a device that provides convenience to people using ICT technologies such as AI, IoT, AR/VR, and 5G.' Two teams in the general section and three teams in the corporate section were selected through the preliminary round in six regions nationwide (Songdo, Pangyo, Yongin, Chungbuk, Jeonju, Daegu), and 30 teams competed in the final. Through the semifinals, only six teams (three teams each from the general and corporate sections) made it to the finals at the Pangyo Start-up Campus.


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