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More than 131+ communications on mitochondria will be presented during Targeting Mitochondria 2022 in Berlin

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Mitochondria-Microbiota Task Force

World Mitochondria Society

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Credit: World Mitochondria Society

Berlin will host the 13th annual meeting of the World Mitochondria Society with more than 131 communications related to mitochondria in health and medicine. Targeting Mitochondria 2022 will gather more than 215 industrials and academics coming from 37 countries.

Prof. Douglas Wallace, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, USA, will present the inaugural talk and the perspective of mitochondrial medicine.

“We need to move towards a new level on mitochondria research and mitochondrial medicine. We will discuss what we must do tomorrow to target mitochondria dysfunction”, stated Volkmar Weissig and Marvin Edeas, leaders of the World Mitochondria Society.

Listen to the conference introduction by Prof. Weissig.


Among the strategic topics which will be presented during Targeting Mitochondria:

Mitochondrial SignalingMitochondrial DiseasesCancerCardiovascular Diseases (Stroke), SepsisFatty Liver DiseaseRespiratory DiseasesSchizophreniaBrain Injury and Neurological DiseasesAgeing, Gene/metabolic Disorders, Extracellular Vesicles and Mitochondrial DysfunctionsExtracellular Vesicles TherapyMitochondrial MedicineMitochondrial TransplantationMitochondrial TransferMitochondrial Genome EngineeringTranslational TherapyPhoto-medicineInfrared LightMitochondria and Vision

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Targeting Mitochondria 2022 will be supported by: Mint therapeutics, Khondrion B.V., Mitologics and CureMito Foundation.

Among Industrials (Food, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Defense and others) who will take part:

Astellas Pharma Inc, AbbVie, Beiersdorf, LUCA Science Inc., Kyowa Kirin Co., MitoImmune Therapeutics Inc., Amazentis, Thermo Fisher Scientific, H. Lundbeck A/S, UCB Bio Pharma, PuREC Co., Cellergy, Nestlé, OMEICOS Therapeutics GmbH, 4BIO Capital, PAEAN Biotechnology, mse Pharmazeutika GmbH, MitoImmune Therapeutics Inc., Defence Science and Technology Laboratory and others.


For access to the full list of academics and others, please click here.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact the scientific/ organizing committee on:

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About the World Mitochondria Society:

The World Mitochondria Society emerged seamlessly out of a series of yearly conferences organized since 2010 by the International Society of Antioxidants in Nutrition and Health. The current president of the WMS is Volkmar Weissig, Midwestern University, College of Pharmacy Glendale, USA.

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