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UiB and Wild Space Productions collaborate on new Netflix documentary

The University of Bergen, Norway, proudly announces a unique collaboration agreement with Wild Space Productions.

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The University of Bergen

Kronprins Haakon

image: In November 2022, Wild Space Productions will participate in field work with the research vessel "Kronprins Haakon" in Svalbard view more 

Credit: Institute of Marine Research

The University of Bergen proudly announces a unique collaboration agreement with Wild Space Productions.
The collaboration involves the University of Bergen, Norway, as scientific advisor for the episode that deals with the Arctic Ocean in the new five-part series “Our Oceans”, premiering globally on Netflix in 2024.

The University of Bergen has world-class academic environments in marine research, and therefore it is with pride that the university can present the collaboration with one of the world's largest platforms of film and television content.

“It is an amazing feat that the University of Bergen has pioneered this collaboration with one of the best nature documentary teams in the world. This project has proven to be an incredible way for Norwegian scientists to serve the public need for factual story-telling from the fragile and fascinating ecosystems of the Arctic to the living rooms of millions of people around the world”, says Rector at the University of Bergen, Margareth Hagen.

The production team at Wild Space Productions has collaborated with UiB researchers since spring 2021 and will continue while the filming of the new series is ongoing. UiB researchers contribute with their knowledge and expertise about the Arctic Ocean and arctic ecosystems.

Dorothy Dankel, adjunct associate professor at the Department of Biological Sciences at UiB, has hosted bi-weekly meetings with Wild Space Productions for over a year to examine new animal behavior observations from the field.

“It has been a wonderful experience to develop new, never-been-seen ocean stories with Wild Space Productions. This collaboration has brought out the best of our unique science observations from our marine networks in Bergen and our extended scientific family around the Arctic. Wild Space Productions has been a trusted partner through this whole journey; it has been a true pleasure to share and discuss marine science with their dedicated award-winning filmmakers”, Dankel says.

In early November 2022, Wild Space Productions will participate in field work with the University of Bergen on board the marine research vessel "Kronprins Haakon" in Svalbard.
“Our Oceans” is executive produced by EMMY Award-winning television producer James Honeyborne.

“Wild Space Productions is always keen to collaborate with leading scientists and institutions to better represent the natural world. The University of Bergen is on the front-line of scientific research on the Arctic Ocean, its ecosystems and its wildlife. We've been fortunate enough to partner with the University to better understand, film and pass-on meaningful stories from the wild that will help us all to better connect and care for this wondrous but fast-changing environment," says Honeyborne.

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