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Chemical.AI to expand to the Indian market

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In October 2022, Chemical.AI announced a partnership with an Indian company-- ChemIntel Technologies. Together with ChemIntel Technologies' resources, Chemical.AI will accelerate the expansion of Indian business and lay out the global market, thereby promoting the development of AI (artificial intelligence) in pharmaceuticals and bringing a positive impact on human welfares. 

2018 was considered to be the year of AI rapid development for pharmaceutical industry. In the same year, Dr. Ning Xia founded Chemical.AI, an AI-based company to transform research and development for chemical synthesis. Back in 2008, Dr. Xia came up with the concept of data-based retrosynthesis and developed a demo version in France. After returning to China in 2016, he continued to optimize the retrosynthesis algorithm and established Chemical.AI. Therefore, years of experiences on predictive retrosynthesis system has been accumulated.

Chemical.AI has always been committed to using AI to accelerate the efficiency of synthesis route design, promote chemical synthesis towards digitalization, automation and intelligence, thereby shaping the future of chemistry. Chemical.AI has been collaborated with many well-known domestic and international leading Pharma and CROs in Asia, Europe, North America and South America, providing technical services on synthesis route design, synthesis feasibility evaluation, virtual molecular library generation and process chemistry optimization.

To meet the unmet needs, ChemIntel Technologies was established to bring pioneering and innovative solutions of AI, ML (machine learning) & automation for the chemical, pharmaceutical and other allied industries, led by two experienced industry professionals. Mr. Bhushan Shah (partner/ co-Founder) is a chemical engineer and MBA with an experience of 13+ years in the sales and supply chain domains in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Mr. Mirza (partner/ co-Founder) is an industry veteran with 20+ years of experience in global sourcing and marketing for the pharma & scientific industries.

Mr. Bhushan Shah said:” We are extremely delighted to partner up with Chemical.AI to provide their AI and cheminformatics-based solutions to the industries in India and abroad. Implementing an AI retrosynthesis tool will improve the efficiency of synthesis with shorter and more feasible routes, which ultimately speeds up the design cycle, accelerating the speed of innovation in drug discovery process with optimum utilization of human scientific skillset.”

Mr. Mirza said: “With Chemical.AI, we will be revolutionizing the Indian research in life sciences. AI-empowered retrosynthesis will take the R&D to the future which enables to answer complex researches in no time and with ease, and make an impact in the industries for human lives."

Dr. Ning Xia, Founder & CEO of Chemial.AI, said:” Applying AI in drug discovery has not only greatly shortened DMTA cycle, but also improved the success rate of drug development. We are glad to collaborate with ChemIntel Technologies. With their supports, Chemical.AI could further extend Indian market presence and expand the global layout to support more pharmaceutical companies to implement AI in drug development and product supply chains, thus helping them to lower costs & increase efficiency.”


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