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The leaders of digital olfaction will meet next week in Tokyo!

Meeting Announcement

Mitochondria-Microbiota Task Force

7th World Congress of Digital Olfaction Society

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Credit: Credits to the Digital Olfaction Society

More than 32 communications and 5 demonstrations of digital olfaction will be presented next week during the 7th Digital Olfaction Annual Meeting on November 29-30 in Tokyo, Japan, and Online.  

It is time for the digital olfaction. After more than 40 years of developing instruments that mimic the sense of smell, digital olfaction is ready to be used. Different industrial sectors, electronic equipment manufacturers and academia must join forces to develop new devices that will enable the development of new calculation algorithms to tackle these novel applications in which digital olfaction can improve people's lives.


DOS Innovations & Demonstrations

During the 7th DOS Annual Meeting, several demonstrations will be displayed. Recorded demonstrations will be available to online attendees.

Among the DOS 2022 Demonstrations:

Introducing Miniature Device for Digital Olfaction: Sniffing Smartwatch

Jesus Lozano Rogado, President of DOS, University of Extremadura, Spain

Brand New Olfactive Age: Olfactive Technologies for Olfactory Measurement and Testing

Shuji Fujita, Sony Corporation Olfactory Business Development Office, Japan

Kouawase(香合せ)with Real Time Spectrometry

Katsuya Ujimoto, Ricoh Company, Ltd., Japan

Demonstration of Aroma Oil Recognition by Deepsniffer

Chuanjun Liu, U.S.E. Co., Ltd, Japan

Sensory Panel for Table Olives using Digital Olfaction Technology

Daniel Martín Vertedor, Scientific and Technological Research Center of Extremadura, Spain 


Industrial Attendees

Sony, Ricoh Company, ALPHA-MOS, Aroma Republic, Aromyx, GEMFluidix, International Flavors & Fragrances, LG Japan Lab, Moodify, Olfasense GmbH, Procter and Gamble, Sanyo Chemical Industries, Sentech GMI, Suntory Global Innovation Center, TAKASAGO, U.S.E. Co. Ltd. and others.


DOS 2023 Space Challenge  – “Digital Olfaction from Earth to Space: Reality or A Dream?”

The first challenge takes into consideration the digitalization, transmission and restitution of aroma from earth to space. 
If you are a team located anywhere in world, with an interest in space, you can take part in this challenge. 

Tokyo - Worldwide DOS 2023 Challenge

The second challenge concerns the digitalization and transmission of aromas and smell from all over the world to restitute them in Tokyo.

If you are a team located anywhere in the world: Paris, Berlin, Beijing, New York, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Stockholm, London, Madrid..., you can participate in this challenge. The only condition is that the team digitalizes a specific signature representative of its country (aroma, music or picture).

A team in Tokyo will restitute the signatures received and validate the perfect device. The restitution will take place in the spring of 2023.


Agenda, speakers, and planning of demonstrations.


About the Digital Olfaction Society

The aim of DOS is to create devices which not only can record smells, turn them into digital data but also transmit and restitute them where we like. The objective of DOS is also to gather, share, and complete the knowledge recently established about olfactory digitization. Our perspective is to build up constructive links between leading researchers and industrialists in order to set up appropriate strategies in order to implement Research & Development through practical applications with a high impact on our lifestyle thanks to the potential of olfactory digitization. We want to move from the Stone Age of odorous substance toward a New Age by means of digital fragrance, aroma and smell technologies.


Contact us

For all requests concerning registration and administration, please send an email to: olfaction[at]

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