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Aston University graduates among highest paid in the country, new data reveals

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Aston University graduates among highest paid in the country, new data reveals

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Credit: Aston University

  • Aston University median graduate salary is one of the highest in the UK
  • University has the 16th largest median salary out of 155 those who graduated five years ago – up from 20th place last year
  • Degrees in allied health, politics and technology in top quartile.


  1 December 2022 | Birmingham, UK


Graduates of Aston University are among the highest paid in the country five years after graduating, according to new data released by the Department for Education.

The 2022 Longitudinal Education Outcomes (LEO) data shows that employed Aston University graduates have the16th largest median salary overall five years after graduation at £33,400.

The latest LEO data was calculated using figures from the 2019-20 tax year and highlights medians – or middle points – of employed graduates’ salaries.

The study demonstrates that Aston University’s median salary for 2013-14 graduates is in either the upper quartile or top half for 15 out of 17 subject areas including degrees in allied health, politics and technology.

The University is also in the top 20 for those assessed three years after graduation (2015-2016), being placed at 19 out of 155 institutions.

The aim of the LEO dataset is to allow researchers to analyse labour market trends.

Professor Aleks Subic, Vice-Chancellor & Chief Executive said: “We are delighted to see Aston University rated so highly for graduate employability and starting salary levels.

“Our graduates are highly employable across a wide range of professions and go on to secure fulfilling and well-paid jobs once they have graduated. This is the sixth year of LEO and Aston University is among the top 20 in UK for the third consecutive year for the largest median salaries five years after graduation. 

“We continue to work closely with employers to ensure that the content of our courses meets the needs of the labour market, which is reflected by these rankings.

“Salary is important, but we also take great pride in being an inclusive university, providing opportunities for students irrespective of background to ensure they all succeed in work and life. 

“This year we were proud to be ranked second in the country in the 2022 English Social Mobility Index. Also, in 2021, research conducted by the Institute of Fiscal Studies into which universities are best for intergenerational mobility found that Aston University was one of only two universities outside of the London area to rank in the top 20 in UK”.


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