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An interview with Anthony Fauci

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“You don’t want to be being disparaging of anyone, but you’ve got to come back and push back against things that are not true.” This is the approach of Anthony Fauci, who helped lead the United States’ COVID-19 response. Fauci recently announced that he would end his time in the federal government in December 2022. Before that, he sat down with Holden Thorp, Editor-in-Chief of the Science Family of Journals, to talk about science denialism, misinformation that comes from within the scientific community, and the importance of communicating science as a process. The editorial highlighting this interview also touches on Fauci’s plans for the future and the two efforts he wants to use the benefit of his experience to do, going forward. The full transcript of the interview, which is filled with valuable insights into science policy and communication, will be posted on the Science Editor’s Blog at embargo-lift time: A PDF version of the blog is also available.

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