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Madden to receive funding for Arnhem Postal History Project

Grant and Award Announcement

George Mason University

Amanda Madden, Assistant Professor, History and Art History; Director of Geospatial History, is set to receive funding for the Arnhem Postal History Project.  

Work for this project will involve: 

  • digital curation and exhibit design; 
  • development of a database and digital mapping and network analysis instance for an online, open-source platform; 
  • short contextual essays highlighting unique aspects of the collection; and 
  • sustainability plans for long-term maintenance of the project. 

Madden said this of the project: "The Arnhem Postal History Project (APH) is a digital spatial history project using GIS, CMS, and network tools that will make available to the public for the first time in digital exhibits over 3000 individual letters and postcards circulated inside and outside the Netherlands between 1939 and 1945. The collection is a critical one for understanding the everyday lives of the Dutch during WWII, postal history, and the history of the Holocaust." 

She is set to receive $176,254 from Tim Gale for this project. Funding will begin in Jan. 2023 and will end in late July 2024. 


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