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The Art of Nanomaterials

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Bentham Science Publishers

The book The Art of Nanomaterials“  will take the reader on a fascinating historical journey to learn how scientific research has influenced artistic inventiveness in painting since the time of the ancient Egyptians and other historical periods. The significance of nanomaterials, the process used to create them, and the variables influencing their synthesis will all be covered in this book.

The book is structured into 6 chapters. Chapter 1 includes information about the history and formation of nanomaterials; chapter 2 includes information about nanotechnology and health; chapter 3 discusses the future of nanomedicine; chapter 4 presents the importance of nanotechnology in environmental protection; chapter 5 shows the relationship between nanotechnology and water; and chapter 6 discusses the future of nanomaterials and nanotechnology.

 The Art of Nanomaterials“ will assist readers in comprehending the significance of nanomaterials and nanotechnology for several fields of science, including medicine, chemistry, physics, biology, materials, water, agriculture, environment, industry, and the economy. There is a strong relationship between nanomaterials and nanotechnology and these disciplines. Therefore, those who work in the aforementioned scientific areas make up the book's readers and target audiences.

About the Author:

Amin Abdellatif El-Meligi ,has completed his Ph.D in 2003. He is a Professor of Physical Chemistry at ICDD member, USA.

Dr Amin’s ambition is to lead research that focuses on Fabrication and characterization of layered micro/nano- materials and their applications. The fabrication proceeds through solid state reaction of pure elements. Single crystals could be fabricated and characterized. Intercalation of organic and inorganic compounds has been processed. Hydrogen storage material and hydrogen production as a renewable energy source, and environmental research. Investigating electrochemical and corrosion behaviour of metals and alloys, Investigating Environmentally friendly compounds for materials protection bio-stability in simulated body fluid and studying their structure. Studying oxide film formation on the metal and alloys surfaces. His research is continuing in the aforementioned research fields.

He has several article publications to his name as well as books.


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