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Water Pollution Sources and Purification

Challenges and Scope

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Bentham Science Publishers

It is hoped that “Water Pollution Sources and Purification: Challenges and Scope“ shall provide guidelines to all interested in research studies of one sort or the other. The book consists of seven chapters, well arranged in a coherent manner.

 Chapter one deals with the different water purification techniques used for safe drinking water production, their potential threats, and their challenges. Chapter two focuses exclusively on fluoride removal by adsorption method using activated alumina modified with different materials and isothermal studies. Chapter three is the result-oriented chapter that discusses different parameters affecting photocatalytic degradation of substituted benzoic acids. Chapter four covers the analysis of seasonal and spatial variations of water quality of Dulhara and Ved ponds in Ratnapura, Chhattisgarh, India. Chapter five examines the degradation of benzoic acid by iron nanoparticles as a photo-catalyst using an advanced oxidation process (AOP). This chapter also discusses the synthesis of Fe nanoparticles via hydrothermal process at ordinary temperature and elevated temperature.

Chapter six deals with wastewater treatment using modern methods supported by nanoscale materials. Chapter seven discusses the impact of water mismanagement on the environment and suggests preventive measures for proper water utilization.

The book “Water Pollution Sources and Purification: Challenges and Scope“ targets post-graduate and research scholars in the field of physical sciences, chemistry, and material science who is interested in water treatment, photocatalytic degradation, advanced oxidation process, and solar cell.


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Water treatment, Adsorption kinematics, Water purification methods, Properties of nanoparticles in water bodies, Advanced oxidation process, Utilization of water, Photochemical degradation, Environmental impact and health issues, Water quality parameters, Integrated water conservation techniques, Seasonal variation in pond water, Activated alumina and challenges in fluoride removal, Nano-particle aided AOP, Degradation of Benzoic acid, Wastewater purification using nano-scale techniques, Defluoridation , techniques,


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