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Christine Ross named Executive Director of the American Association for Anatomy

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American Association for Anatomy

WASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 4, 2023 – The American Association for Anatomy’s (AAA) board of directors has named Christine Ross, CCE, MBA, MS, as the Executive Director. Ross had been serving as the Interim Executive Director since July 2022.

Ross is the founder and president of C. Ross Associates and she is a former president and CEO of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce.

“The American Association for Anatomy welcomes Christine Ross as our Executive Director.  We are confident that she will advance our forward-thinking agenda, promoting the anatomical sciences, addressing diversity issues in AAA’s past and future, and meeting the needs of our members in effective new ways,” said Valerie DeLeon, Ph.D, President of AAA.

“Christine is a proven leader who has demonstrated her ability to guide our organization as interim executive director for the past 6 months. AAA takes a significant step forward today in announcing her new role as the executive director,” said Martine Dunnwald, Pharm.D, Ph.D, AAA’s President-Elect and Chair of the search committee.

About the American Association for Anatomy

The American Association for Anatomy is an international membership organization of biomedical researchers and educators specializing in the structural foundation of health and disease. AAA connects anatomists, neuroscientists, developmental biologists, biological anthropologists, cell biologists, physical therapists, and others to advance the anatomical sciences through research, education, and professional development.


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