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Redox Medicine Society celebrates 25 years of excellence and success

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Mitochondria-Microbiota Task Force

25th Anniversary of Redox Medicine Society

image: The Redox Medicine Society will celebrate its 25th anniversary on June 21-23 in Paris. view more 

Credit: Credits to the Redox Medicine Society

Redox Medicine Society, former ISANH, will be organizing its 25th International Conference on Redox Medicine next June, on 21-23 in Paris.

Redox Medicine 2023: What are the recent advances and perspectives?

On its 25th anniversary, Redox Medicine 2023 will be held to bring together academic and industry experts in redox to discuss advances and recent innovation in this vast field.

The new president of the Redox Medicine Society, Dr. Carole Nicco, Univesité de Paris, France, stated, “In an era of increasing health challenges, it is imperative that we seriously consider the innovative alternatives offered by organic and inorganic redox-active compounds. The translation of many disciplines in which the fields of redox biology and free radical research have brought important scientific advances to society, the clinic, and industry will help strengthen our field.”

Sessions to be covered in the 25th Redox Medicine 2023 Edition

The meeting will highlight recent clinical applications of redox molecules in health and disease and will dedicate more time to cover all the devices and methods for the assessment of oxidative stress. International redox experts will cover the following points:

  • Redox Medicine & Oxidative Stress – Where are we now?
  • Evaluation of Redox & Oxidative Stress: An Update & Perspective
  • Redox Medicine & Diseases: Mechanism of Action & Strategies
  • Redox Medicine & Cancer: Where we stand and where are we heading?
  • Redox Medicine, Ageing & Longevity: Where is the target?
  • Redox Medicine & Innovations (space tourism, exosomes-based redox medicine, biosensors, etc.)

Redox Medicine 2022 Awards

At the end of the 24th Annual Meeting on Redox Medicine 2022, the committee announced 3 award winners after an extensive discussion.

Scientific Award:

Novel Atypical Functions of Nrf2 and Keap1 in Endothelial Cells by Anna Grochot-Przęczek, Jagiellonian University, Poland

Short Oral Presentation Award:

Uratylated Plasma Albumin is Increased in Patients with Heart Failure and Promotes the Adhesion of THP-1 Monocytes to Endothelial Cells by Railmara Pereira Silva, University of São Paulo, Brazil

Poster Presentation Award:

Novel selenocompounds for pharmacological intervention of ferroptosis in neuronal HT22 cells by Melanie Merkel, University of Marburg, Germany

More about Redox Medicine Society (RSM or formerly ISANH):

ISANH was established 25 years ago to discuss research on free radicals and their implications in various human pathologies. During the Paris Redox 2022 Conference, the Scientific Committee discussed how to transform ISANH, how to face new challenges and how to redesign the strategies as it is now time to update its aims and targets.

Today, the Redox Medicine field's importance is further increasing with new knowledge in redox biochemistry, translational strategies could lead to new innovative diagnostic and preventive tools as well as therapeutic approaches in life sciences and medicine. Our efforts aim to facilitate the translation of basic knowledge of redox biology into molecular medicine and to discover innovative new approaches to prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

The current president of Redox Medicine Society is Dr. Carole Nicco, Université de Paris, INSERM, Biosenic S.A., France. She was the vice-president of RSM for several year, and she has helped a lot with the evolution of the society.

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