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Physiological basis of yield in cotton: New “focus on cotton” webcast

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Cotton yield

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Credit: John L. Snider

As the most commonly used natural fiber, cotton is a vital and versatile crop worldwide—grown for fiber, food, and even fuel. However, cotton production has fluctuated in the past decade due to various factors such as cultivar availability and climate change.

A foundational understanding of the physiological basis of yield in cotton is an important first step toward targeted yield improvement by using functional crop traits that are known to determine productivity. In a new “Focus on Cotton” webcast on Grow: Plant Health Exchange, John L. Snider, Associate Professor of Crop Physiology at the University of Georgia, provides an overview of the physiological drivers of yield in cotton and describes some of the factors that can influence each one. Additionally, he presents results from recently completed research with advanced breeding lines in the southeastern United States.

This 29-minute presentation is freely available through the “Focus on Cotton” resource on Grow: Plant Health Exchange—an outreach service of The American Phytopatholgical Society that contains more than 400 webcasts, including presentations from a number of conferences. These resources cover a broad range of aspects of cotton crop management: agronomic practices, diseases, harvest and ginning, insects, irrigation, nematodes, precision agriculture, soil health and crop fertility, and weeds. These webcasts are available to readers open access (without a subscription).

The “Focus on Cotton” homepage also provides access to “Cotton Cultivated,” a resource from Cotton Incorporated that helps users quickly find the most current cotton production information available. These and other resources are freely available courtesy of Cotton Incorporated at

To learn more, watch Physiological Basis of Yield in Cotton on Grow: Plant Health Exchange.


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