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The book “Coronaviruses”, corresponding to the third volume of the E-book series on ‘Coronaviruses’, brings together some essential data regarding the origin, pathology and chemotherapeutic drugs to treat coronavirus infections.

Coronaviruses Volume 3 consists of six chapters concerning the following:

  1. The bat’s coronaviruses in the world (chapter 1 by Karin Correa Scheffer et al.),
  2. The hospital challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic (Chapter 2 by Salman Zarka et al.),
  3. The pro-inflammatory and thrombotic manifestations and the therapeutic options of Covid-19 (chapter 3 by Mradul Kumar Daga et al.),
  4. The common and rare dermatologic manifestations registered in Covid-19 patients (Chapter 4 by Amin Daemi et al.),
  5. The circulating biomarkers of cardiopulmonary disturbances in Covid-19 (chapter 5 by Amin Daemi et al.)
  6. The aspects of pathology and pathogenesis of coronavirus infection (Chapter 6 by V.A. Zinserling et al.).

The third volume actually compiles the most important data/information on SARSCoV-2 and associated Covid-19 diseases. It is therefore of clear value for all the researchers working in these research fields, and for the clinicians dealing with a growing number of persons with Covid-19 and/or suffering from post-Covid sequelae, referred to as long Covid (data from 23rd November 2022: 644 million cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection worldwide, with 6.6 million deaths).


About the editor:

Jean-Marc Sabatier is a Director of research at the French CNRS, with Ph.D. and HDR degrees in Biochemistry and Microbiology. He headed several academic research teams (CNRS, INSERM, and University), as well as a combined academic-industry research laboratory devoted to the engineering of therapeutic peptides (ERT62, Marseilles, France). He was also a Director of Research for several French private companies as well as a Canadian public company. He acts as a Consultant for top pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies.

Dr. Sabatier works in the field of animal toxins and microbes. He contributed to several books in toxinology and virology and more than 170 scientific articles, 180 communications, and 55 patents in both biology and chemistry. He is a member of 61 Editorial Boards of scientific journals, such as 'Peptides', 'Molecules', 'Antibiotics', and the 'Journal of Biological Chemistry'. He also reviewed articles submitted for publication in >100 international journals and acts as an expert for numerous national and international institutions.

He won the 'Citizen of the Year Award' from the Nouvel Economiste (1994) for his work on antivirals. He is a member of a dozen scientific societies, such as the 'American Peptide Society' (charter member), 'European Peptide Society', 'American Society for Microbiology', 'Biochemical Society', and 'New-York Academy of Sciences'.



Alphacoronavirus, Pandemic management, Bats, Pathophysiology, Betacoronavirus, SARS CoV 2, Chiroptera, Thromboembolism, Coronaviridae, Thrombosis, Reservoirs, Dermatological manifestations, Viruses, Circulating Biomarkers, COVID-19 Hospital management, Cardiopulmonary Disorders, Emergencies, Prognosis, Hospital management, Coronavirus infection


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