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Laser additive manufacturing of topological optimization lattice structures

International Journal of Extreme Manufacturing, Volume4, Number 4, Cover Story

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International Journal of Extreme Manufacturing

International Journal of Extreme Manufacturing, Volume 4 Number 4, Cover Story

image: Laser additive manufacturing technology with the ability to realize the near-net-shape forming of complex parts provides a great opportunity for realizing the integration of intelligent equipment functions. Combined with the recoverable characteristics of shape memory alloys, the organic integration of topology optimization and additive manufacturing stimulate the new potential of components in light weight, high performance and multi-function. Recently, the research team led by Professor Dongdong Gu from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics designed lightweight gradient lattice structures based on shape memory alloy using topology optimization technology, realizing the lightweight, high energy absorption and excellent shape memory functions of components. In the future, with the further development of component design technology in lightweight and multi-function based on additive manufacturing, human beings might one day be able to freely travel to and from the vast universe in highly-advanced soft-landing spacecraft, and even expand our civilization into infinite galaxies. view more 

Credit: By the International Journal of Extreme Manufacturing Editorial Office.

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