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eLTER releases 23 project videos: Informative, personal and… dancing!

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image: Photo: eLTER co-coordinators Michael Mirtl (UFZ/EAA) and Jaana Bäck (University of Helsinki) during the Mallorca Meeting. view more 

Credit: eLTER

Ninety researchers from 26 countries, part of the eLTER PPP and eLTER PLUS projects, gathered in Mallorca from 16 to 20 May 2022 for the first ever consortia physical meeting. This was a great opportunity to capture the spirit of the projects, so a professional team was hired to shoot 23 videos which we present to you now.

They are grouped into three categories:

- eLTER Stakeholders Information: The videos here aim to provide comprehensive and tailored information to the four main Stakeholder Groups, namely: Decision Makers; Peer & Sibling RIs & Networks; Public, Business & Industry and Scientific Community.

- 5 eLTER questions: Here you can find answers to some of the questions which perhaps you have been asking yourself about the project. The answers are the unscripted and honest thoughts of key members of the future RI. The 13 videos represent an interesting mix of views and although each pose the same questions, answers are not as similar as one may expect.

- eLTER Life Stories: This might sound like a cliché but eLTER is not only a project. For many of those involved it is not merely a job but a cause, a place of friendship and a personal story. Here you can find just five of the personal stories of exciting moments or life-lasting friendships that came to be because of eLTER. Like the Swedish banana, the Haifa shisha or the Medieval dance academy.

Last but not least, if you want to know how 90 scientists behave after two years of not seeing each other and experiencing a lockdown… get a glimpse at the eLTER consortia with the special video “Science after COVID”. Maybe you will be tempted to join eLTER after seeing it, who knows?

eLTER responds to the challenge of understanding the complex interactions between people and nature over the long term. eLTER catalyzes scientific discovery and insights through its state-of-the-art research infrastructure, collaborative working culture, and transdisciplinary expertise. This enables the development and application of evidence-based solutions for the wellbeing of current and future generations.

The pan-European, in-situ research infrastructure will serve multiple scientific communities with high-level central facilities and distributed, well-instrumented eLTER Sites and socio-ecological eLTSER Platforms (henceforth called eLTER facilities). Optimized overall operation will coordinate between the central and national components, and facilitate their integration under one coherent and sustainable RI. Continent-wide, novel data services and products will result from combining harmonized standard observations at the sites with information from a wide range of other sources.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 871126 (eLTER PPP) and No 871128 (eLTER PLUS). 

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