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Professor Guido Kroemer will inaugurate Redox Medicine 2023 by Highlighting the Hallmarks of Aging & Redox Medicine

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Mitochondria-Microbiota Task Force

Prof. Guido Kroemer, keynote speaker at Redox Medicine 2023

image: Prof. Guido Kroemer, Université de Paris Cité, Hôpital Européen George Pompidou, France, will join Redox Medicine 2023 Conference, which will be held on June 21-23. view more 

Credit: Credits to the Redox Medicine Society.

The 25th International Conference on Redox Medicine, on June 21-23 in Paris, will revolutionize tomorrow’s medicine through redox. The translation of basic knowledge of redox into molecular medicine will be extensively discussed.

Prof. Guido Kroemer from the Université de Paris Cité, Hôpital Européen George Pompidou - AP-HP, is the key note speaker for this year. It is a great opportunity to share with Guido Kroemer his favorite topics and to have a unique moment of exchange with him.


Hallmarks of Aging & Redox Medicine: An Expanding Universe

Prof. Kroemer will highlight the “hallmarks of ageing: genomic instability, telomere attrition, epigenetic alterations, mitochondrial dysfunction, chronic inflammation, and others. He will express his point of view how all of these hallmarks are interconnected with each other and with other hallmarks of health, mainly the maintenance of homeostasis, and adequate responses to stress.”

Prof. Kroemer is one the main pillars of the field of cell biology and cancer research. He particularly studies the mechanisms of mitochondrial control in cell death, the anti-aging role of autophagy and immune responses guaranteeing the success of cancer treatments. His work has also been rewarded with prestigious scientific prizes, having more than 1,150 publications, including 36 in Cell, Science and Nature.

Learn about Redox Medicine 2023 program.


Redox Medicine 2023: Abstracts, Innovations, & Awards

The Redox Medicine Society is now accepting innovation and abstract submissions to be presented during the 25th International Conference on Redox Medicine.

You have until May 30 to submit your abstracts for a poster presentation, and until June 1 to submit your abstracts for a short oral presentation.

Last year awards were discerned to the best scientific contribution, best short oral presentation, and best poster presentation. Access awards 2022.

This year the scientific committee will select 3 awards dedicated to innovations.


About the Redox Medicine Society (Formerly ISANH)

ISANH was established 25 years ago to discuss research on free radicals and their implications in various human pathologies. During the Paris Redox 2022 Conference, the Scientific Committee discussed how to transform ISANH, how to face new challenges and how to redesign the strategies as it is now time to update its aims and targets.

Today, the Redox Medicine field's importance is further increasing with new knowledge in redox biochemistry, translational strategies could lead to new innovative diagnostic and preventive tools as well as therapeutic approaches in life sciences and medicine. Our efforts aim to facilitate the translation of basic knowledge of redox biology into molecular medicine and to discover innovative new approaches to prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

The current president of Redox Medicine Society is Dr. Carole Nicco, Université de Paris, INSERM, Biosenic S.A., France. She was the vice-president of RSM for several year, and she has helped a lot with the evolution of the society.

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