Feature Story | 22-Feb-2023

First introduction to longevity medicine for physician course launches its Indonesian chapter on teachable platform

Deep Longevity Ltd

Longevity Medicine 101 and 201 are online courses designed to provide healthcare professionals and researchers with an in-depth understanding of the science behind aging and the latest interventions to promote healthy aging. The courses serve to provide an overview of the clinical application of the latest advances in aging research, skills to evaluate the validity of aging biomarkers and other biological age testing systems, and knowledge of available longevity therapies to address diseases associated with aging-related processes in organisms.


Concepts covered in this course have also been published in journals such as Nature Aging and Lancet Healthy Longevity, introducing key foundations for the growth of this field such as: “Artificial Intelligence in Longevity Medicine” and Longevity medicine: upskilling the physicians of tomorrow”.


Translation of Longevity Medicine 101 and 201 into Indonesian by Dr. Bhirau Wilaksono, MD is an important step to increase access to longevity research information in Indonesia. As Indonesia's population grows, there is a growing need for health professionals and researchers to have access to the latest information on healthy aging and the interventions that can promote it.


The launching of this Indonesian edition was initiated with a webinar entitled “Facing the Future Medicine; Introduction to longevity medicine” and it was attended by several speakers and attended by participants from various backgrounds such as doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, professionals in the field of biotechnology, and other healthcare experts.


The translation of Longevity Medicine 101 and 201 into Indonesian is just one of many ways the Longevity Education Hub is working to increase access to scientific information around the world. With its commitment to providing high-quality, up-to-date information about scientific research and discovery, the Longevity Education Hub is an invaluable resource for researchers, journalists, and the general public interested in learning about and developing this field in the future.


“The Indonesian Longevity Medicine course is intended for over 300 million people in the region. With the official population of over 270 million, Indonesia is the 4th largest country in the world with the relatively young population and a vibrant economy poised for rapid growth and development. Longevity Medicine is set to revolutionize healthcare and I am happy that the many doctors in Indonesia  will be able to help advance this important field.” Alex Zhavoronkov, Ph.D. Insilico Medicine, initiator and author of Longevity Medicine for Physician Courses.


"It is great to see the rapid development of our Longevity Medicine Course for Physicians through the Indonesian edition of the National Chapter series to facilitate students' learning experiences in the local language," Evelyne Bischof, MD, Longevity Physician and Professor of Clinical Medicine at Shanghai Medical University.


"It's a pleasure to be part of this great team of professionals and join in spreading this fundamental training for everyday medical practice in Indonesia, of course, to democratize access to medical education for the next generation. I hope this will benefit this country with a population of around 270 people," said Dr. Bhirau Wilaksono, MD.


"The demographic bonus in Indonesia can become a burden in the future if it is not properly maintained from now on. Therefore, efforts are needed to improve the quality of life and public health, especially the current productive generation in Indonesia to extend the duration of the demographic bonus to welcome Indonesia's gold. 2045”. Said Dr Rais Reskiawan, MD. Ph.D., a postdoctoral researcher at the Buck Institute for Aging Research.


"This translation into Indonesian is very good considering that Longevity Medicine as a branch of precision medicine focuses on promoting and optimizing the range of human health by targeting the aging process throughout our ages which is intensively supported by AI technology. AI-supported ecosystems will certainly develop well," Dr. Christine Huang Yuan, MD - Technology Transfer Director of Hong Kong Quantum AI Lab.


The courses developed collaboratively between leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) professionals, practicing physicians, biogerontologists, and geroscientists can be accessed on the website www.longevity.degree.

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