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Hands-on approach to aging. Deep Longevity to showcase online longevity platform at Global Longevity Federation, May 2023

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Deep Longevity Ltd

Fedor Galkin, Research Director at Deep Longevity

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Credit: Deep Longevity

A Hong Kong-based startup Deep Longevity is organizing an aging clock workshop at the upcoming Global Longevity Federation 2023 conference. Organized by Sciinov Group, this event will bring together leading longevity experts to exchange ideas in Dubai, May 15-16th 2023. The conference will feature keynote sessions from industry trendsetters, panel discussions, and oral presentations by more than 30 speakers, such as Michael Fossel, Natasha Billeci, Robin Mansukhani, Ilia Stambler, Sebastijan Orlić and many more renowned longevity professionals. 

Workshops hosted at the event will offer attendees a unique perspective on conducting anti-aging research and implementing existing geroprotective solutions in practice. Deep Longevity’s workshop will focus on the application of aging clocks in clinical practice and let its participants interact with a recently launched anti-aging platform SenoClock.AI


SenoClock is a digital gateway to Deep Longevity’s armory of human aging models that provide comprehensive reports on a user’s pace of aging. During the workshop, participants will learn how to process clinical blood tests and interpret an aging clock’s output to monitor the molecular aging processes in their patients or clients.  


The attendees will be able to join the discussion on the current state of biogerontology and existing anti-aging solutions with Deep Longevity’s CEO, Deepankar Nayak, and research director, Fedor Galkin, as well as other outstanding panelists. Thanks to GLF-2023 being a hybrid event, you may join it online to stay updated on the most recent advances in biogerontology.  


About Deep Longevity: 

Deep Longevity develops artificial intelligence and deep-learning-based longevity solutions to track the rate of aging on molecular, cellular, tissue, organ, physiological, and psychological levels. Deep Longevity has also developed and launched the Longevity as a Service (LaaS) solution to integrate multiple aging clocks and provide a universal multi-factorial measure of subjective age in the context of longevity and preventive medicine. 


About Sciinov Group: 

Sciinov Group is the gold standard provider of scientific events. The group has been organizing such events since 2019, with previous programs on Longevity and Aging attracting record participation from 90+ countries and about 1090 universities.  

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