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Unlocking the Potential of Rare-Earth Hexaborides (published by Bentham Science)

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Bentham Science Publishers

Rare-earth hexaborides are a group of materials that contain octahedral boron units. These materials have become increasingly important in the manufacturing of advanced ceramics due to their unique properties. Specifically, rare-earth hexaborides have low electronic work functions, high hardness, refractory properties, low electrical resistance, and specific thermal expansion coefficients.

A new reference book, Rare-Earth Metal Hexaborides: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications, offers a comprehensive overview of rare-earth metal hexaborides and their many engineering applications. The book begins by providing an introduction to rare earth elements and then goes on to describe rare-earth hexaboride structures, synthetic methods, and information about their alloys and ceramic composites.

The book also contains numerous references to scholarly research, which can be useful for advanced readers seeking further information on this subject. Overall, this reference book is a valuable resource for scholars in the fields of chemical engineering and materials science, as well as anyone interested in the applied chemistry of rare-earth metals and borides.

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