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Geological Society of America 2023 Cordilleran Section Meeting

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Geological Society of America

Boulder, Colo., USA: The GSA 2023 Cordilleran Section meeting will be held on 17–19 May in Reno, Nevada, USA. This exciting three-day event will bring together geoscientists, educators, students, and professionals from academia, industry, and government and will feature a diverse range of technical presentations, workshops, and field trips.

The robust technical program will explore key advancements in structural geology, plate tectonics, paleontology, volcanology, and sedimentology, as well as environmental, hydrological and engineering geoscience, and related fields. The meeting will feature a multi-day symposium on Late Jurassic to Eocene Tectonics of the North American Cordillera, which will include a combination of longer overview keynote presentations and shorter talks presenting new data.

Reno and the surrounding area have much to offer in terms of sensational geological features. Meeting-related field trips will explore active faulting within the Walker Lane and Basin and Range, trace the complex history of tectonics and magmatism in the Northern Sierra Nevada, examine records of ancient glacial outburst floods, tour the Bodie and Aurora Mining Districts of Mono County California, as well as ammonite and ichthyosaur fossils in Nevada’s Triassic-Jurassic Seaway, and track the interrelated history of Lake Tahoe, the Truckee River, and Pyramid Lake.

Interested media are invited to receive complimentary registration. Contact Courtney Mino at to attend. Learn more on the meeting home page .

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