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Niraula wins 2023 Endocrine Images Art Competition

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The Endocrine Society

WASHINGTON—Anzela Niraula, Ph.D., of the University of Washington in Seattle, won the Endocrine Society's 2023 Endocrine Images Art Competition for her image of the microglia mandala.

This contest celebrates the beauty of endocrine science, and entries were judged based on aesthetic value and significance to endocrine research.

Niraula’s image of the microglia won the grand prize this year out of more than 25 entries. The image shows microglia and POMC neurons in close proximity within the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus. Microglial regulation of POMC neurons holds significant implications for the pathogenesis of obesity and diabetes. Niraula has accepted a position as an assistant professor at Colgate University in Hamilton, N.Y., beginning this fall.

The team of Sally Camper, Ph.D., Michelle L. Brinkmeier, M.S., and Professor Emerita Deborah Gumucio of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Mich., and Aubrey Converse, Ph.D., of Northwestern University in Chicago, Ill., tied for second place.

Camper’s team won for their image of a pituitary slice from a mouse embryo, and Converse was recognized for her confocal image of a secondary ovarian follicle in a mouse.

Niraula’s prize is complimentary registration to ENDO 2023 or ENDO 2024.

All three winners will have their art displayed at ENDO 2023, where it will be seen by scientists and researchers from all over the world. Their work will also be featured in Endocrine News, on our website and on social media.

Visit the Endocrine Images Art Competition website where you can see this year’s top endocrine images and gather more details for submitting next year.

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