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Ani Biome and Deep Longevity collaborate to build personalized care tools for longevity and well-being

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Cidrani to leverage Deep Longevity's aging clocks for tracking benefits of personalized micro drinks

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Ani Biome, a pioneering BioAgeTech company with a novel Metabolites-as-Medicine™ approach, announces its partnership with Deep Longevity, a leading provider of aging clocks and longevity solutions. The collaboration will leverage Deep Longevity's Blood Age and Mind Age clock APIs to develop gut health-management tools that will help drive longevity, avoid diseases and manage stress.  

Leveraging the work of Stanford scientists that illustrate the health benefits of consumption of fermented nutrients at the molecular level, Ani Biome has innovated a unique fermentation method to release a broad spectrum of natural metabolites in the form of AgeBiotics™. Simultaneously, they employed advanced technology to craft a solution for non-invasive diagnostics via their Ani Daily™ app. Guided by AI, Ani Biome formulates customized monthly plans of AgeBiotics™ - consisting of fermentation metabolites that are updated monthly to mirror each individual's progress. Employing cutting-edge metabolomics, they link these fermentation metabolites with desired metabolic and psychological health outcomes. They are also conducting their own clinical trials to further explore the effect of fermentation metabolites on age-related decline, and their Metabolites as Medicine™ concept has been accepted to the prestigious Food as Medicine program organized by EIT Food in collaboration with one of the leading Israeli universities, Technion. 


Deep Longevity's Blood Age is a revolutionary aging clock that utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze simple blood test data to accurately measure an individual's biological age and recommend improving health and longevity.  

Mind Age is a psychological assessment framework. Also developed by Deep Longevity, this aging clock relies on a proprietary questionnaire to calculate the psychological age of an individual. Measuring and improving Mind Age, proactively handling mental health will improve motivation, productivity and eventually lifespan.   

Elevated levels of blood and psychological age have been correlated with speeded aging processes, resulting in increased susceptibility to chronic diseases, morbidity, and a reduced life expectancy. Ani Biome's strategy to counter these health threats involves pioneering research on fermentation metabolites, using advanced metabolomics techniques. By joining forces with Deep Longevity, Ani Biome harnesses technology rooted in data and backed by evidence, further fortifying their pursuit to enhance longevity. 


Deep Longevity's recent launch of SenoClock, providing easy access to their aging clocks, reflects their commitment to advancing longevity care and research. By also making their aging clocks available through APIs, Deep Longevity empowers researchers and healthcare providers like Ani Biome to develop applications tailored to specific use cases, benefiting patients and end users.  

The personalized care tools developed by Ani Biome in collaboration with Deep Longevity's aging clocks are designed to gather information about users' self-reported and objective biopsychological states to personalize metabolites of fermentation and maximize their efficacy based on each individual's unique needs. In addition, by using personalized questions and offering insight into individual Vitality metrics, Ani Daily™ tools facilitate behavioral change through informed decision-making. This knowledge empowers individuals to build habits that lead to a more energetic and vital self.  


This collaboration between Ani Biome and Deep Longevity represents a significant milestone in longevity research within the global health and wellness industry. Expect more good news and exciting announcements from both partners in the near future.  


About Ani Biome --   

Ani Biome is at the forefront of longevity and vitality science, innovating a novel approach to increased levels of Vitality and health optimization. Through advanced metabolomics and proprietary fermentation methods, the company exploits the beneficial properties of natural metabolites. Their cutting-edge technology, embodied in the Ani Daily™ app, enables longitudinal, non-invasive diagnostics. Guided by evidence-based research and a commitment to holistic wellness, Ani Biome is poised to revolutionize our understanding of vitality and the pursuit of a longer, healthier life. For more information, please visit   


About Deep Longevity --   

Deep Longevity is a leading provider of aging clocks and longevity solutions. By utilizing artificial intelligence and advanced data analysis, Deep Longevity offers accurate and actionable insights into biological and psychological aging. Their mission is to extend human lifespan as well as healthspan and revolutionize the field of longevity . For more information, please visit   

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