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The European Alliance of Associations For Rheumatology, EULAR, announces its strategy for 2024 – 2028

Extending EULAR’s leadership in rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases and building a sound fundament for delivering expertise to the world.

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European Alliance of Associations for Rheumatology (EULAR)

Over the period 2018 – 2023, EULAR, the leading organisation in RMDs, has grown substantially and has been professionalised in every aspect. For example, EULAR has increased its impact on RMDs through the development of new services provided by the EULAR Research Centre (ERC). Despite the disruption of routine procedures brought about by the pandemic, EULAR overcame the substantial associated challenges, providing continued access to education and networking for the RMD community. “We have made tremendous progress by setting up two virtual congresses and one fully hybrid congress, and we have taken great steps in quality of care, advocacy, and governance”, says the President Prof Annamaria Iagnocco. “The new strategy will build on and extend this excellent fundament.”

The new strategy for 2024 – 2028 is driven by a vision of a world where all RMDs are recognised, diagnosed, and ultimately prevented or cured. To realise this vision, EULAR’s mission is to minimise the impact of RMDs on individuals and society. EULAR promotes education, awareness, best clinical care, prevention, and research in the field of RMDs, as well as providing global solutions for the management of RMDs.

To achieve real impact, we have built a clear strategy which includes actionable and measurable goals”, says Prof Annamaria Iagnocco. “We will pursue four main objectives”:

  • Leadership, Scientific Guidance, and Innovation: EULAR’s visionary goals require clear leadership: EULAR will increase the visibility and impact of RMDs in politics and policy nationally and internationally. It will take a clear lead in innovation in RMDs. In doing so, EULAR will be the respected and valued voice of RMDs globally.
  • Professional and Personal Development: EULAR’s ambitions require the necessary expertise in researchers and practitioners delivering care: EULAR will support personal and professional development to improve skills and expertise within and outside of EULAR. It will provide the foundation for personal growth by positioning the necessary frameworks of competencies and providing education. In doing so, early career rheumatologists, health professionals and representatives of people with RMDs will be particularly considered.
  • Communities: EULAR aims to build strong communities of people concerned with RMDs that join forces to realise their ambitions. The management of communities will be strengthened, and the interactions of individuals both within and around EULAR will be furthered. Interaction with members, partner organisations and other stakeholders will be improved. To achieve this goal, EULAR will broaden its membership base by including individual members. Supporting all kinds of members will be an important concern.
  • Viable economic base: EULAR strives to secure its economic foundation well into a future where previous funding sources can no longer be taken for granted. A viable economic base is a precondition for the services that EULAR provides to the RMD community and the wider world.

Our goals are very ambitious. But among the values, which form an important part of our strategy, are flexibility and dedication”, says Prof Annamaria Iagnocco. “We deeply appreciate and are thankful for our volunteer's dedicated work.” With a committed base of volunteers and a highly professional organisation in its Swiss-based office, EULAR is in an excellent position to realize its ambitions.


EULAR is the European umbrella organisation representing scientific societies, health professional associations and organisations for people with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs). EULAR aims to reduce the impact of RMDs on individuals and society, as well as improve RMD treatments, prevention, and rehabilitation. To this end, EULAR fosters excellence in rheumatology education and research, promotes the translation of research advances into daily care, and advocates for the recognition of the needs of those living with RMDs by EU institutions.


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