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The Advancement of Medicine, Pharmacology & Nanotechnology

Bentham Books - Nanopharmacology and Nanotoxicology: Clinical Implications and Methods

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Bentham Science Publishers

Clinical medicine and pharmacology courses are constantly evolving and there is an increased need to understand the role of new technologies in the field. Specifically, the role of nanomaterials in becoming increasingly prevalent in modern medicine and pharmacotherapeutics. The use of nanomaterials is also potentially harmful to patients, which is why learners should also understand the measures to use them safely.

In this new Bentham Science book, readers will discover the cutting-edge world of nanotechnology and its profound impact on clinical medicine and pharmacology. This comprehensive book brings together leading experts from diverse fields to provide a captivating exploration of nanobiotechnology applications in human health. Delve into fascinating chapters covering nanotechnology in gastrointestinal diseases, kidney disorders, pulmonary ailments, reproductive health, COVID-19, and cancer, offering invaluable insights into the future of medical treatments.

Beyond medical advancements, this book also delves into the critical field of nanomaterial toxicology, presenting in-depth assessments of Nano-therapeutics' safety and offering potential solutions to address nontoxicity concerns. With a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research, the book showcases the convergence of pharmacology, toxicology, and Nano-science, revealing the groundbreaking potential of nanotechnology.

This book offers a captivating journey into the exciting intersection of pharmacology, toxicology, and Nano-science. It presents a concise summary of theoretical, methodological, and practical studies spanning various medical subspecialties. Explore cutting-edge assessment methods for nano-toxicology and remarkable advancements in nano-vaccines. With valuable references for further exploration, this book is a valuable resource for students and academics, as well as anyone seeking to understand the dynamic field of nanotechnology in healthcare.

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