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University of Vaasa to organize international conference on Future Energy Solutions FES2023, June 12–14, 2023

The conference has a special focus on artificial intelligence (AI)-based energy solutions

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University of Vaasa

FES2023 Future Energy Solution Days - local organizing team

image: Local organizing committee and conference chair Miadreza Shafiekhah (2nd on the right) from the University of Vaasa, Finland. view more 

Credit: Riikka Kalmi, University of Vaasa

The University of Vaasa is organising Future Energy Solution Days (FES2023), a new conference on intelligent and sustainable energy solutions. It will take place from 12 to 14 June 2023, at the Wasa Innovation Center in Vaasa, Finland.

Governments worldwide are investing heavily in finding new solutions for future energy systems and technologies to ensure that energy is used and supplied efficiently. These investments are also aimed at improving planning for power outage responses and recovery, and integrating various technologies such as renewable energy systems, electrical vehicle networks, and smart homes around the grid.

FES2023 comes at a crucial time, bringing together leading researchers, engineers and industry experts from around the world to share and discuss ground-breaking research, exchange ideas and engage with key decision-makers in the energy sector.

 "FES2023 serves as a vital bridge connecting academia and industries in the energy area," says Miadreza Shafiekhah, General Chair of FES2023 and Associate Professor at the University of Vaasa. "We had submissions from 40 countries for FES2023. About 100 papers will be presented, many of which are industry-oriented research studies."

In addition to the conference, FES2023 will also be hosting workshops and an exhibition.

The city of Vaasa in Finland is recognised as the Energy Capital of Nordic countries. The international attendees of the conference will have the possibility to network with a broad range of representatives from the utility, product, consultancy, service and business sectors of the energy industry.

Special focus on AI-based energy solutions

The conference has a special focus on artificial intelligence (AI)-based energy solutions due to the rapid developments of AI.

“AI-based systems will definitely be among the main solutions for future energy systems,” says Shafiekhah.

FES2023 will also cover a wide range of other key themes including the planning and operation of energy systems, electricity markets and demand response, building energy-saving technology, business models and risk management, artificial intelligence applications in energy systems, and lots more.


  • Artificial Intelligence Models for Power and Energy Applications: From Data-Driven to Knowledge-Based Approaches / Professor Zita Vale, Polytechic of Porto, ISEP, GECAD, Portugal
  • The Interaction of EV Charging with the Distribution Grid / Professor Nikos Hatziargyriou, National Technical University of Athens, Greece (NTUA) & University of Vaasa
  • Power Forecasting Technology of Large-Scale Grid-Connected Solar & Wind Generation Clusters under Diverse and Complex Terrain / Professor Fei Wang, North China Electric Power University (NCEPU)


Registration for FES2023 is now open:  Registration link FES2023

Further information can be found on the FES2023 conference website.


The FES2023 conference is co-sponsored by IEEE. All papers will be published and indexed by the IEEE Xplore. The top papers will also be invited to IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications journal.

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