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State agencies grant nationwide access to ultrasound disinfectant from Parker Labs

Unique chlorine dioxide foam offers fast, efficient, and economical disinfection for ultrasound transducers

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Tristel DUO

image: Tristel DUO’s patented chlorine dioxide chemistry delivers an intermediate-level disinfectant foam approved for use on general medical surfaces, including noninvasive ultrasound transducers and related equipment. view more 

Credit: Parker Laboratories Inc.

FAIRFIELD, NJ—Parker Laboratories Inc. has announced that the environmental protection and pesticide control agencies of all 50 states have authorized registration of Tristel DUO, an intermediate-level disinfecting foam for the cleaning and disinfection of general medical surfaces—including noninvasive ultrasound transducers and their related equipment.

Tristel DUO is manufactured and distributed for US markets by Parker Laboratories under an exclusive commercial partnership with UK-based infection prevention company Tristel plc. Parker Laboratories has been a worldwide leader in ultrasound supplies and accessories for more than 65 years.

In 2022, Tristel DUO received approval from the US Environmental Protection Agency for the disinfection of general medical surfaces and equipment. The agency assigned Tristel DUO’s chemistry a toxicity rating of Category IV—the agency’s lowest risk classification—affirming the product’s high safety profile for clinicians.

“Tristel’s products are used in 40 countries and for millions of disinfection procedures every year,” says Neal Buchalter, president of Parker Laboratories. “With state agency registrations now complete, we look forward to launching sales and distribution of Tristel DUO nationwide, helping to improve the safety of procedures involving ultrasound equipment.”

More than a dozen ultrasound manufacturers have tested Tristel DUO for compatibility and have listed the compound as approved for use with specific models of their transducers. A current list of transducer models compatible with Tristel DUO can be found on the Parker website.

Tristel DUO—Effective and Efficient Disinfection

The alcohol- and bleach-free cleaner and disinfectant has been shown to be bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal. It kills Mycobacterium tuberculosis in one minute. Published scientific research concludes that Tristel DUO is successful in inactivating human papillomavirus (HPV) type 16 and type 18. Tristel DUO foam will not damage ultrasound transducers and can be used with any dry wipe, making it a convenient and economical solution for transducer disinfection.

Tristel DUO is delivered in a novel dosing bottle with two separate compartments; one contains Tristel DUO Part A solution (sodium chlorite) and the other contains Tristel DUO Part B solution (citric acid). Upon pressing the pump, the two solutions mix, and a consistent dose of chlorine dioxide foam is generated.

As an intermediate-level disinfectant, Tristel DUO meets the requirements for disinfection of ultrasound transducers used in percutaneous procedures, as detailed in a recently published Intersocietal Position Statement. The position statement advocates the use of cleaning and low-level disinfection with products that are effective against mycobacteria and bloodborne pathogens as safe and sufficient techniques for processing ultrasound transducers used in percutaneous procedures, such as ultrasound-guided peripheral IV insertions.

Originally published in the Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine in February 2021, the position statement has since earned the support of 23 healthcare organizations, together representing more than 870,000 physicians, nurses, infection control professionals, and other healthcare professionals.

A recent webinar hosted by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM), “Disinfecting Ultrasound Transducers Used in Percutaneous Procedures: What Practitioners Need to Know About the Intersocietal Position Statement,” highlighted key issues pertaining to the position statement. A panel of experts discussed patient safety issues related to the position statement and the potential challenges that practitioners face in implementing the statement’s recommendations. Free access to the archived webinar is available via the AIUM website.

About Parker Laboratories

Parker Laboratories is a leading global medical product company that develops, manufactures, and sells ultrasound and electromedical contact media and accessories, as well as leading lines of instrument cleaners and disinfectants. A worldwide leader in ultrasound medical products for over 65 years, Parker has consistently been at the forefront of technological advances in the industry. Its flagship product, Aquasonic®100 ultrasound transmission gel, is the world standard for medical ultrasound. For more information, visit

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