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DGIST inaugurates AI-SW Education and Research Center, emphasizing local ABB industry talent development and cross-company collaborative research

Business Announcement

DGIST (Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology)

□ DGIST (President Kuk Young) celebrated the opening of the DGIST AI-SW Education and Research Center on Thursday, April 25. This momentous event took place at the “Daegu Smart City Center” in Suseong Alpha City, Daegu, and was graced by esteemed attendees, including President Kuk Young of DGIST and Lee Jong-hwa, Vice Mayor for Economic Affairs, Daegu Metropolitan City.


□ Located on the third floor of the Daegu Smart City Center, the DGIST AI-SW Education and Research Center pans an impressive 660mand boasts a range of cutting-edge facilities. These include a state-of-the-art interactive classroom, advanced research laboratories, shared offices, well-equipped meeting rooms, and seminar rooms. The center serves as a pivotal hub for nurturing skilled professionals in the field of ABB (AI, big data, and blockchain), an industry that Daegu City actively fosters. Moreover, it facilitates collaborative research and development endeavors with relevant companies, strengthening the industry-academia partnership.


□ In addition, the DGIST AI-SW Education and Research Center will offer specialized education programs in artificial intelligence (AI), targeting students, industry professionals, and R&D personnel from various organizations and companies. The center will provide AI-focused training such as, AI core education with a manufacturing or smart city focus, as well as semiconductor education covering design, systems, and software. It will also facilitate collaborative R&D projects between DGIST and institutions and companies located in Suseong Alpha City, as well as support student entrepreneurship in the field of AI, SW, and semiconductors, and provide technical assistance to businesses.


□ DGIST President Kuk Young emphasized the significance of the collaboration with Daegu Metropolitan City, stating, “At a time when ABB-based technologies are gathering attention, our partnership with Daegu Metropolitan City holds great significance. Through the DGIST AI-SW Education and Research Center, we will cultivate exceptional talent in the ABB industry, support collaborative research and technology commercialization with relevant companies, and transform Daegu City into a core hub of the ABB industry.”


□ Lee Jong-hwa, Vice Mayor for Economic Affairs, DaeguMetropolitan City, expressed his expectations for the collaboration between DGIST and the city, stating, “We anticipate that DGIST will play a vital role in transforming the industrial structure, focusing on ABB-based future digital technologies and promoting local industries. We will continue to enhance industry-academia-government cooperation and provide support to facilitate innovation and revitalization of the ABB industry for local companies.”


□ Recently, DGIST has entered into a business agreement with Samsung Electronics to establish a “Semiconductor Contract Department.” Furthermore, DGIST aims to become a regional semiconductor center by constructing a semiconductor manufacturing facility by 2026. Moreover, to foster AI convergence innovation talents, DGIST has introduced an artificial intelligence major in its graduate program since 2022. These initiatives contribute to the development of the local industrial ecosystem by nurturing semiconductor and AI technology professionals and supporting research infrastructure.


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