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Empowering medical professionals with knowledge about fetal disorders

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Bentham Science Publishers

Book Name: Diagnosis and Management of Fetal Disorders

About Book:

The Bentham Science book, Diagnosis and Management of Fetal Disorders is a new resource for medical students who require knowledge and training about fetal medicine. The book aims to provide invaluable insights into understanding, diagnosing, and effectively managing fetal disorders.

Fetal disorders encompass a wide range of conditions that can affect the development and well-being of an unborn baby. From chromosomal abnormalities and congenital malformations to genetic disorders and fetal syndromes, the diagnosis and management of these conditions require specialized knowledge, multidisciplinary collaboration, and up-to-date information.

Diagnosis and Management of Fetal Disorders fills a crucial gap in reference literature, providing a comprehensive guide that addresses the complexities of fetal disorders in a clear and accessible manner. The text covers a diverse array of topics, including the latest advancements in prenatal screening and diagnostic techniques, evidence-based guidelines for accurate diagnosis, and innovative management options.

Readers will also find practical tools and strategies for healthcare professionals to enhance their decision-making processes and optimize patient outcomes. It also aims to empower expectant parents by equipping them with the knowledge and understanding necessary to make informed choices and participate actively in their own prenatal care.

Key features Diagnosis and Management of Fetal Disorders include:

  • A comprehensive overview of common and rare fetal disorders, encompassing both structural and genetic anomalies.
  • Detailed explanations of state-of-the-art prenatal screening and diagnostic techniques, enabling accurate identification of fetal disorders.
  • Insights into multidisciplinary approaches, emphasizing the importance of collaboration among healthcare professionals in providing comprehensive care.
  • Guidance on counseling strategies and support services for expectant parents, ensuring compassionate and patient-centered care.
  • Case studies illustrating real-life scenarios, enhancing understanding and facilitating the application of knowledge in clinical practice.
  • Integration of the latest research findings and technological advancements, keeping healthcare professionals and researchers up to date with the rapidly evolving field of prenatal medicine.

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About Author:

Boris Petrikovsky, MD, is a maternal and fetal medicine specialist, researcher, and educator at Garden OB/GYN in Lake Success. Dr. Petrikovsky draws upon more than 30 years of clinical experience to provide exceptional obstetric and high-risk pregnancy care to his patients. He certified by American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Maternal & Fetal Medicine (Obstetrics and Gynecology).

Known for his kindness and attentive, detail-oriented approach, Dr. Petrikovsky creates a bond with women and their families that lasts throughout their childbearing journey, and frequently through multiple pregnancies and deliveries.

Dr. Petrikovsky is an internationally recognized researcher, and has won several prestigious awards for his research, including The New York Perinatal Society Research Award.


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