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The American Society for Nutrition appoints Steven A. Abrams, MD as Next Editor-in-Chief of Advances in Nutrition

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American Society for Nutrition

Rockville, MD (July 7, 2023) – Steven A. Abrams, MD, Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School has been named the next Editor-in-Chief of Advances in Nutrition. Dr. Abrams is a globally recognized leader in pediatric nutrition whose scientific contributions have helped establish the evidence base on nutrient requirements in infancy, childhood, and adolescence.

Advances in Nutrition is the American Society for Nutrition’s journal that publishes reviews spanning basic, translational, clinical, and population research. It is a top ranked journal in the nutrition and dietetics field.

Dr. Abrams succeeds Katherine Tucker, PhD who completes her 10-year term this month. During Dr. Tucker’s tenure, Advances in Nutrition gained international recognition through its fast ascent in multiple journal rankings. In his opening Editorial, Dr. Abrams writes, “Under the initial editor, John Suttie, and more recently, Katherine Tucker, the journal has thrived and earned a central role in the nutrition field. It has become a place of discussion, perspective, and insight into the nutrition field, of value to scientists, dietitians, physicians, policy makers and the public.”

Dr. Abrams’ tenure begins August 1 during Advances’ first year as a gold open access journal, which is timely in view of the recent government action mandating implementation of open access for federally funded research.

Supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in nutrition science and scholarly publishing is a priority for Dr. Abrams. He seeks authors, reviewers, and editorial board members from all segments of the global population and aims for the journal to address important cultural aspects of food and nutrition in society. Specifically, Dr. Abrams welcomes articles that review issues related to nutritional diversity and public policy in support of a healthier world and social justice in ensuring safe and equitable food for all individuals. He views peer review as an excellent opportunity to mentor and support all levels of scientific and medical training to increase involvement from underrepresented minorities across the globe.

“I am delighted to welcome Dr. Abrams as the next Editor-in-Chief of Advances in Nutrition,” said Martha Belury, PhD, RDN, President of the American Society for Nutrition. “His vision to increase diversity and international representation on Advances editorial board as well as his desire to strategically advance open access publishing will position our journal portfolio for continued growth and success.”

Dr. Abrams’ work has focused on nutrient requirements and metabolism for bone and other critical minerals during childhood. Dr. Abrams has conducted research and training that has impacted how clinicians in many countries care for critically ill infants and small children. He also has served as an advisor to international governments on nutrition policy and helped develop strategies to fight malnutrition.

“As a practicing physician for over 35 years and researcher in developing countries, I am aware of the critical importance of medically relevant nutrition reviews and policies,” said Dr. Abrams. “Evidence-based reviews can foster a robust environment for nutrition discussions in both the clinical realm and policy arena.”

Dr. Abrams served more than 10 years on the editorial board for The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, including 5 years as an Associate Editor, and has been an active member of the Society’s Publications Committee.

Dr. Abrams currently sits on the 2025 U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, has chaired the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Committee on Nutrition, and participated in multiple committees of the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.

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