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Carnegie Mellon University offers new online graduate certificate in computational data science to meet AI demand

Graduates will leverage AI to solve problems across many industries

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Carnegie Mellon University

Artificial intelligence has transformed how industries and organizations operate, putting data professionals in high demand. To meet this increasing need, Carnegie Mellon University recently launched an online Graduate Certificate in Computational Data Science Foundations program.

"Everything we teach will translate into skills that enable mobilization of data for significant impact in your organization," said Carolyn Rosé, the faculty program director and a professor in both the Human-Computer Interaction Institute and the Language Technologies Institute (LTI). "The Graduate Certificate in Computational Data Science Foundations is built for the large-scale data problems that organizations are facing and addresses the cloud-based technologies needed to solve real-world data problems."   

The 100% online program will train tech-savvy professionals to leverage AI and machine learning technology to harness the power of big data. Participants will experience the same rigorous coursework of a CMU graduate program in a flexible and convenient format.

With a solid background in computational data science, graduates will be able to solve problems across a variety of industries. The program will give participants the tools they need to help their organizations drive efficiency, create technological advancements, gain insights for the future and win in the marketplace.

CMU is one of the top universities in the nation for learning computational data science, and participants in the certificate program will study with leading data science researchers. The Computational Data Science Foundations program is the latest online graduate certificate offered by CMU and the first from the School of Computer Science and the LTI.

Applications are open. For more information or to apply, visit the Graduate Certificate in Computational Data Science Foundations website.

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