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Ethics & Human Research, July-August 2023

Antiracist intervention at an IRB

Peer-Reviewed Publication

The Hastings Center

Antiracist Structural Intervention at the Emory University Institutional Review Board

Francois Rollin, Vanessa Van Doren, Jessica Alvarez, Rebecca Rousselle, Jada Bussey-Jones


Although racial and ethnic categories are social constructs without inherent biologic or genetic meaning, race and ethnicity impact health outcomes through racism. The use of racial categories in biomedical research often misattributes the cause of health inequities to genetic and inherent biological differences rather than to racism. Improving research practices around race and ethnicity is an urgent priority and requires education as well as structural change. We describe an evidence-based intervention for an institutional review board (IRB). Our IRB now requires all biomedical study protocols to define racial and ethnic classifications they plan to use, to state whether they are describing or explaining differences between groups, and to provide justification for any use of racial or ethnic group variables as covariates. This antiracist IRB intervention is an example of how research institutions can help ensure the scientific validity of studies and avoid the unscientific reification of race and ethnicity as inherently biological or genetic concepts.


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Table of Contents • Trust and HIV‐transmission trials • Translational science and public input: Ethics & Human Research: Vol 45, No 4 (


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