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IOP Publishing expands scope of prestigious journal Reports on Progress in Physics

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IOP Publishing, a leading society owned scientific publisher, is announcing significant changes to its esteemed journal, Reports on Progress in Physics™. The move will modernise the title and position it at the pinnacle of the publisher’s extensive physics portfolio.

Building on the journal’s long-standing reputation as a source of authoritative reviews across all areas of physics, Reports on Progress in Physics is now also open for original research submissions and has introduced an open access option for all authors for the first time. In addition to its established reviews programme, and as part of an extended mission to serve the global physics community, the journal will start publishing breakthrough research that will have a long-term scientific influence on the future direction of a field.

Authors publishing original research in Reports on Progress in Physics will now benefit from an enhanced package of bespoke publishing and promotional services to maximise the reach and impact of their work. Post-publication support for authors will include coverage through webinars, press-releases, author interviews and feature pieces on IOP’s internationally renowned science news platform, Physics World. In compliance with funding body mandates and institutional policies, original research articles that are published on an open access basis will also be included in IOP Publishing’s expanding programme of Transformative Agreements that covers an increasing number of institutes around the world.

Over the past 90 years, Reports on Progress in Physics has become established as one of the world’s most influential journals for the physics community publishing seminal reviews, including articles by multiple Nobel Prize winners, that capture and represent nearly a century’s worth of landmark developments across the physical sciences.

The journal’s Editor-in-Chief, Professor Subir Sachdev of Harvard University, USA, says: “Reports on Progress in Physics has a long history of serving the entire physics community. It is established as one of the world’s most authoritative journals for the field, boasting an archive of seminal and influential review content. The introduction of original research as a new option for authors means that Reports on Progress in Physics will be a home for even more essential research content for the benefit of its multidisciplinary audience. The original research content will reinforce the journal’s long-standing reputation as one of the most important resources for physicists at all career stages.”

Dr Tim Smith, Head of Portfolio Development at IOP Publishing, says: "Reports on Progress in Physics remains loyal to its founding mission to promote, advance and serve physics through a dedication to publishing excellence, broad and unbiased topical representation and global multidisciplinary appeal. By forming a new home for breakthrough new research supported by outstanding author service we’re excited by the prospect of modernising the journal in a way that will continue to deliver its core values, and guarantee its influence on physics for decades to come.”

IOP Publishing endorses equal opportunities for everyone to contribute to physical science. IOP Publishing will support researchers based in low income and lower middle-income countries whose work is accepted for publication in Reports on Progress in Physics by covering their article publication charges, enabling open access to their articles. As is the case for the rest of IOP Publishing’s hybrid and OA journals, waivers for eligible authors are applied automatically. Authors also have the option to submit their papers for double anonymous and transparent peer review. In the spirit of transparency and reproducibility, authors publishing in the journal are encouraged to share data and code where appropriate for the benefit of the research community.

Authors publishing in Reports on Progress in Physics not only support the advancement of physics in the broadest sense but also contribute to the Institute of Physics’ mission to make physics accessible to people from all backgrounds. All profits generated by IOP Publishing go directly to the Institute of Physics, furthering its efforts to promote the accessibility of physics education worldwide.

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