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Plant-based protein intake may reduce kidney disease risk

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Association of Plant Protein Intake With Risk of Incident CKD

image: Visual Abstract for "Association of Plant Protein Intake With Risk of Incident CKD: A UK Biobank Study" by Ga Young Heo et al: In this large, prospective cohort study, greater dietary plant protein intake was associated with a lower risk of incident CKD. Further, interventional studies demonstrating kidney protective benefits of plant protein intake are warranted. view more 

Credit: AJKD 2023

Plant-based diets confer various health benefits, including lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. However, the relationship between plant protein intake and the risk of chronic kidney disease (CKD) remains unclear. This study led by Ga Young Heo aimed to investigate the association between plant protein intake and the development of CKD. Using the UK biobank study data, the researchers found that participants with a higher plant protein intake had a lower risk of developing CKD. This finding suggests that a higher dietary intake of plant-based protein may be beneficial for kidney health and provide insight into dietary interventions to prevent CKD in primary care settings.

ARTICLE TITLE: Association of Plant Protein Intake With Risk of Incident CKD: A UK Biobank Study

AUTHORS: Ga Young Heo, MD, Hee Byung Koh, MD, Hyo Jeong Kim, MD, Kyung Won Kim, MD, Chan-Young Jung, MD, Hyung Woo Kim, MD, Tae Ik Chang, MD, PhD, Jung Tak Park, MD, PhD, Tae-Hyun Yoo, MD, PhD, Shin-Wook Kang, MD, PhD, and Seung Hyeok Han, MD, PhD

DOI: 10.1053/j.ajkd.2023.05.007

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