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August issues of American Psychiatric Association journals cover alcohol use disorder, interventions for PTSD and psychedelics in psychiatry

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The latest issues of three of the American Psychiatric Association’s journals, The American Journal of Psychiatry, Psychiatric Services and Focus are now available online.

The August issue of The American Journal of Psychiatry on the neurodevelopmental origins of psychopathology is focused on early-life adversity and genetics as mediators of the risk to develop psychiatric illnesses. Highlights include:

  • Overview of Alcohol Use Disorder.
  • A Comprehensive Multilevel Analysis of the Bucharest Early Intervention Project: Causal Effects on Recovery from Early Severe Deprivation. (Co-investigators Lucy King and Katelyn Humphries are the featured guests on August’s AJP Audio podcast episode.)
  • Genetic Underpinnings of the Transition from Alcohol Consumption to Alcohol Use Disorder: Shared and Unique Genetic Architectures in a Cross-Ancestry Sample.

The issue also includes a summary of an APA Resource Document on the treatment of opioid use disorder in the general hospital.

The August issue of Psychiatric Services features  

•     Ethical and Practical Considerations for the Use of Psychedelics in Psychiatry.

•     Therapeutic and Economic Benefits of Service Dogs Versus Emotional Support Dogs for Veterans With PTSD.

•     The Effectiveness of Peer Support in Personal and Clinical Recovery—Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

•     Pathways Through Early Psychosis Care for U.S. Youths From Ethnically and Racially Minoritized Groups: A Systematic Review.

•     DSM-5-TR: Rationale, Process, and Overview of Changes.


Volume 21, Issue 3 of Focus is a special issue on Novel Mechanisms and Interventions for PTSD, helmed by Guest Editor Negar Fani, Ph.D. The issue features the following:

•     Assessment of Traumatic Stress Symptoms During the Acute Posttrauma Period.

•     A Review of MDMA-Assisted Therapy for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.

•     Ketamine for Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: State of the Field.

•     Interoception in Fear Learning and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.

•     Treating Motivational and Consummatory Aspects of Anhedonia.

•     Ethical and Legal Aspects of Trauma Evaluation.

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