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World Mitochondria Society Task Force: Steering progress in mitochondria research

A new chapter in mitochondrial innovation and research: The World Mitochondria Society Task Force's cutting-edge projects

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Mitochondria-Microbiota Task Force

WMS Task Force

image: The WMS Task Force will support 2 projects on Mitochondrial Transfer, and Mitochondrial Oscillation. view more 

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Berlin, Germany - The World Mitochondria Society (WMS) announces the formation of the WMS Task Force, a significant initiative committed to sparking innovation and redefining the field of mitochondria research concerning health and disease. The WMS Task Force will support 2 projects on Mitochondrial Transfer, and Mitochondrial Oscillation.


The Aim of WMS Task Force

The WMS Task Force plans to confront the challenges that impede our understanding, prevention, and treatment of mitochondrial-related diseases. By fostering a cooperative atmosphere and promoting the free exchange of knowledge and expertise, the Task Force aims to facilitate considerable strides in mitochondria research.

"We are establishing a task force that brings together experts from various disciplines. This diverse expertise is vital for challenging current practices and pushing the limits of mitochondrial research and innovation," stated Volkmar Weissig, President of the WMS, and Marvin Edeas, Chairman of the Scientific Committee.


Projects of the WMS Task Force

The WMS Task Force is launching 2 projects for the improvement of mitochondrial research and applications:

  1. Mitochondrial Transfer & Tunneling Nanotubes (TNTs). Read more.
  2. Mitochondrial Oscillation and Resonance: Impact on ATP Production and Distribution in Health and Diseases. Read more.


The Funding

The WMS Task Force is prepared to submit the selected projects to both public and private institutions. The objective is to secure the necessary resources to fuel these projects, and ensure the sustainability and longevity of the task force.

The collected funding will be distributed to all teams involved in the Task Force.


How to Join the Task Force

The Society invites all actors, researchers, medical practitioners, healthcare organizations, industries and all who have an interest in mitochondria research to join this Task Force, which holds the potential to reshape the future of mitochondrial health.

For detailed information on how to apply and the submission process, please visit our website.

Applications will be carefully reviewed by the Task Force Selection Committee, and successful candidates will be contacted for the next stage of the process. As the number of positions in the Task Force is limited, acceptance is competitive, and only a select number of applicants will have the opportunity to join.

During the 14th World Congress on Targeting Mitochondria 2023, which will be held on October 11-13, 2023 at Steigenberger Hotel Am Kanzleramt, Berlin – Germany, successful applicants will be chosen to integrate the WMS Task Force.


About World Mitochondria Society:

The World Mitochondria Society is an international non-profit organization dedicated to promoting research and education about mitochondria in health and disease. It aims to bridge the gap between scientists and healthcare professionals globally, disseminating knowledge and fostering collaborations to advance the understanding of mitochondrial function and dysfunction.

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