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Innovate and compete with science

Carlos III University of Madrid


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Recognizing entrepreneurs, scientists and technologists who are committed to their regions, and their contributions and solutions is crucial to the citizenry. Thus, it is necessary to develop a culture of innovation, insist the leaders at foromadrid ciencia&empresa, a collaborative initiative comprised of various units of knowledge and technology transfer from public universities of the Madrid region, with R + D capabilities to develop innovative products and services in collaboration with companies.

Connections with the media are essential in fomenting a more innovative society, according to the experts from these entities. This begins - they add - with a proactive attitude when working to move the universities toward companies' needs, transferring science to create and/or help innovative companies, so that knowledge and technology become important factors in competitiveness. In this way, the results of this activity, such as patents of software copyright registration, for example, become useful elements for society as a whole.

To sum up: the goal is to innovate and compete using science. It is precisely with this motto that foromadrid ciencia&empresa has set up a conference, "Comunicar la Innovación" ("Communicate Innovation"). The objective it to publicize content of scientific-technological, economic and social interest regarding innovation promoted by the technology transfer units in the science parks and transfer offices regarding research results that pertain to the universities and other research centers.

As part of this meeting of journalists, academicians, communicators and professionals from the technological, transfer and R + D centers, among others, a variety of issues related to the field will be examined. The journalist Manuel Campo Vidal, who is also a Doctor of Sociology and a Technical Engineer in Industrial Electronics, will give a talk on how to communicate innovation, in which he will ask if "innovation journalism" exists. In addition, there will be two round table discussions about innovators and the media, respectively. Finally, the Director of EOI Digital in the School of Industrial Organization, Tíscar Lara, will examine the role of social networks as means of talking, opining and communicating about innovation.


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COMMUNICATE INNOVATION - Innovate and compete using science (COMUNICAR la INNOVACIÓN - Innovar y competir con ciencia)
Monday, May 7, 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in the Círculo de Bellas Artes

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