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Kumamoto University

Annexin A6 is Specific to CAFs

image: <p>A: The expression level of Annexin A6 protein in gastric cancer cells and CAFs. Annexin A6 is expressed only in CAFs. </p> <p>B: Fluorescent immunostaining in tissues from gastric cancer patients. AnnexinA6 (green) is consistently expressed in cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs: upper red) (yellow region in merged figure). However, it is rarely expressed in cancer cells (lower red) (yellow areas are barely visible when merged). </p> view more 

Credit: Dr. Takatsugu Ishimoto



该研究成果于2020年6月30日在美国学术期刊《Cancer Research》公开发行。

※1癌症相关成纤维细胞(cancer associated fibroblasts: CAFs) 是构筑肿瘤微环境的特殊成纤维细胞(分泌产生组成肿瘤微环境的纤维),分泌与癌细胞的恶性转化有关的各种因子。

※2细胞外囊泡(Extracellular vesicles: EVs) 是指从细胞膜上脱落或者由细胞分泌的双层膜结构的囊泡状小体,携带有细胞来源相关的蛋白质、RNA、脂类、糖质、矿物质等,参与细胞间通讯等过程。

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