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Suicides less common in states that passed Medicaid expansion

Washington University School of Medicine
Peer-Reviewed Publication

Temple scientist awarded NIH funding to study relationship between HIV, substance use and heart disease

Temple University Health System
Grant and Award Announcement

Researchers identify a brain circuit for addiction remission

Brigham and Women's Hospital
Peer-Reviewed Publication

Study finds nicotine-sired male offspring at risk of addiction behavior and memory impairments

University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing
Peer-Reviewed Publication

Removing barriers to opioid use disorder treatment shows success during pandemic

Drexel University
Peer-Reviewed Publication

Could time limits on opioid prescriptions reduce misuse?

Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan
Peer-Reviewed Publication

Hennepin Healthcare investigators study game to help people quit smoking

Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute
Grant and Award Announcement