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What's EurekAlert!?

EurekAlert! is an editorially independent nonprofit news-release distribution platform operated by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Wired calls EurekAlert! "the news hub that shapes the science you read."

Established in 1996, EurekAlert! is a free resource for working journalists who cover any scientific topic, offering embargoed press packages from world’s top scientific publishers, such as the Science Family of Journals, PNAS, JAMA, Lancet, the BMJ, ASBMB, American Chemical Society, and Cell Press.

EurekAlert! is supported by subscription fees from organizations that submit news releases to EurekAlert!. Currently, four out of five of the world’s top-ranked universities entrust EurekAlert! with their science-related news releases. An average of 150 news releases are published daily on EurekAlert!, and many are available first under embargo to journalist-members to facilitate accurate and timely independent reporting. All news releases must meet our content eligibility guidelines to be accepted and are made available to the public after embargo (if applicable).

Free PIO-memberships

Working PIOs may apply for a free EurekAlert! PIO-members and receive advance notification of forthcoming publications from our journal partners. PIO-members also receive free access to resources such as the monthly PIO Bulletin email newsletter, access to the EurekAlert! PIO Forum, and member-only tools such as advanced PIO and Expert search and Saved Search-based email alerts. A paid subscription is required to submit news releases to EurekAlert!. 

Apply for a EurekAlert! PIO-Membership to get these services, free:

  • Advance notifications from our journal partners of forthcoming papers by scientists in your institution 
  • Access to register for our annual PIO Seminars and free access to recordings of past events 
  • An invitation to join the EurekAlert! PIO Forum, an online discussion group for EurekAlert! PIO-registrants to seek and share advice and network with one another 
  • Monthly PIO Bulletin emails with updates and tips from our team 
  • Access to the EurekAlert! SciComm Blog 
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Free Journalist-memberships

Embargoed and immediate-release science news 

More than 100 news releases are added daily to the EurekAlert! platform by thousands of accredited research institutions and peer-reviewed journal publishers.

Embargoed content is made available to Journalist-Members in real-time during business hours (8:30am-5:00pm US Eastern Time).

Read our news release eligibility guidelines.

Journalist-Members also receive advance notice of select scientific meetings and related news conferences from our partners.

Creditable sources, peer-reviewed discoveries

EurekAlert! is the exclusive distributor of embargoed press content from the Science family of journals. Only EurekAlert! Journalist-Members receive weekly embargoed press packages, access to journal articles ahead of publication, and invitations to embargoed press teleconferences organized by the Science Press Package (SciPak) team.

Other prestigious journals offering embargoed press content through EurekAlert! include: PNAS, JAMA, Lancet, ACS, the BMJ, and Cell Press journals. 

University and other research organizations also make available embargoed and public news releases about research papers published in hundreds of other peer-reviewed journals.

Your news, delivered to you

Receive a list of the latest embargoed or public news releases by e-mail daily or weekly.

Journalist-Members can also set up an unlimited number of Saved Searches and turn on daily or weekly e-mail alerts for new content matching your specific interests. 

Apply for a EurekAlert! Journalist-Membership to get these services, free:

  • Embargoed news releases, updated in real-time, from thousands of institutions and journal publishers
  • Weekly embargoed press packages from leading journals, including Science, PNAS, and Cell, plus invitations to embargoed press teleconferences
  • Embargoed press portals by JAMA, Lancet, Cell and more
  • 100+ news releases from accredited research institutions, posted daily
  • Daily or weekly e-mail alerts of all new content
  • Unlimited Saved Searches and new content e-mail alerts 
  • Archive of 530,000+ science-related news releases since 1996
  • 279,000+ videos, images, and podcasts
  • Search our news release database for expert and press officer contacts
  • Advance notice of select scientific meetings and related news briefings
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What people say about us

"With its timely links to new studies and review papers published in the top peer-reviewed journals, EurekAlert! is a source-finder, story tip sheet, and reality-check in one. It’s essential for any journalist attempting to cover the sciences." Craig Allen Welch, Seattle Times

"EurekAlert! is an excellent platform for journalists to stay updated on the latest scientific studies. Its press kit is comprehensive and its team super-supportive. I found EurekAlert! very helpful for my own reporting work and strongly recommend it to others." Coco Liu, Climate Wire and Scientific American

"My reporting rests on a foundation of solid science. The daily stream of notices from EurekAlert! keeps me informed about the latest water, food, and energy research." Brett Walton, Circle of Blue

"EurekAlert! is a vital tool, providing 24/7 access to original studies, contacts and news releases under embargo so we have time to work up original, useful reporting." Maggie Fox, Freelance

"EurekAlert! is the Swiss Army Knife of science websites, offering instant access to new research from an impressive range of influential, peer-reviewed journals." Robert Lee Hotz, The Wall Street Journal