Sponsored Content

Now you can raise awareness and promote ever-green science-related content through EurekAlert!. To discuss how we can help, e-mail sponsoredcontent@eurekalert.org.

What is the Sponsored Content Program?

It's a new program designed to showcase non-breaking science news (a.k.a "ever-green" content) to reporters and members of the public who visit EurekAlert!. Examples include:

  • A profile of an interesting scientist and their work
  • A Q&A with a media-friendly expert
  • A report on a newly funded project, initiative, facility, or its significant milestone
  • A feature story on science education
  • An engaging video produced for public awareness of a scientific topic
  • An image related to science
  • And more!

What do Sponsored Content banners look like?

If you have visited EurekAlert! recently, chances are you've noticed them. Sponsored Content banners are featured on the right hand column of all EurekAlert! news pages, including reporter-only areas.

They are distinguished with a "Sponsored Content" tag on the upper left-hand corner.

Is Sponsored Content for me?

Unlike news releases, Sponsored Content is shown on nearly all areas of EurekAlert!, including reporter-only pages, and offers an opportunity to reach an audience you otherwise may not.

For example, Sponsored Content banners could help you increase awareness of an area of expertise at your institution among reporters and the public:

It may also help you tell an inspiring story of dedicated scientists who are making a difference in the world:

To discuss how we may help you reach a worldwide audience interested in science, e-mail sponsoredcontent@eurekalert.org.

Why did EurekAlert! create the program?

Many PIOs have told us that they'd like to promote newsworthy, science-related stories that may not be best told in a news-release format. Others have said that they are increasing direct-to-public science communication while still pursuing earned coverage.

EurekAlert! has a specialized audience—reporters and members of the public worldwide who are specifically interested in high-quality, science-related content produced by institutions that conduct or publish science—and they are interested in learning all aspects of the scientific process and about the people who do science.

How are Sponsored Content banners different from news releases?

  • They are typically non-time sensitive, and/or not tied to a recent scholarly publication.
  • They may have a stronger public-engagement focus but could still be of interest to some reporters, especially freelance writers working on feature stories, profiles, or news reporters on the lookout for new experts.
  • They are not hosted on EurekAlert! in the same way as news releases. Banners refer reporters and public visitors directly to the complete story on your website.

How are Sponsored Content banners different from ads?

Sponsored Content banners should be consistent with other content on EurekAlert! and refer to newsworthy, science-related stories produced by your institution. They should not promote a general website or a news aggregation website.

Why are you keeping Sponsored Content separate from news releases?

The vast majority of reporters and PIOs trust and use EurekAlert! because we only accept news releases that meet our long-standing eligibility guidelines. We want to offer reporters and PIOs the option of more diverse content without significantly changing how they've come to rely on EurekAlert! for their daily newsgathering and communication efforts.

How much does it cost?

Each pay-per-use banner costs $200 for 15,000 impressions for our nonprofit subscribers or $400 for 15,000 impressions for our for-profit subscribers.

Each banner placement includes 4,500 guaranteed impressions on the EurekAlert! homepage, 1,500 guaranteed impressions on reporter-only pages, and 9,000 impressions on nearly 300 other news pages on EurekAlert!.

You may specify up to three image-headline pairings for your respective target areas, but all banners must link to the same url. Annual packages are available at $2,000 (non-profit) or $4,000 (for-profit) for 12 banners, to be used in a 12-month period.

What will you need from me?

An engaging image (300x250 pixels or equivalent ratio optimal), a catchy headline, and a live url referring to a story (and not a general website or a news aggregator page). You may submit up to three image-headline pairings for the different target pages.

I don't currently submit news releases to EurekAlert!, can I still participate in the Sponsored Content Program?

Yes. However, you must be a registered PIO to use any of EurekAlert!'s services.

Can I promote anything I want?

Sponsored Content banners must refer to newsworthy, science-related content produced by your institution, and be consistent with other content on EurekAlert!. EurekAlert! and its publisher, AAAS, reserve the right to decline any sponsored content, at our sole discretion, if material is deemed incompatible with our guidelines or values.

Can Sponsored Content be embargoed?

No. Eligible embargoed content should be submitted as a news release. However, we may schedule a banner in advance to coincide with a time-sensitive event.

What's an impression and why does it matter?

An impression is each time a banner comes into full view of a website visitor. When used appropriately, a banner can inform, intrigue, and create and build awareness in a split second. In today's metric-centric world, banner impressions could help quantify the reach of your institution and may be part of a comprehensive public engagement and media relations strategy.

How do you calculate an impression?

We use Google's DoubleClick banner management software, as to be compatible with other Google Analytics statistics you may already be keeping.

Why do you charge by impression?

It is the industry standard. It is also the fairest way we can think of to ensure that you are getting value for your communications budget.

Why do you offer page-specific guarantee impression targets?

Many PIOs have told us that they are as interested in pursuing earned coverage as increasing direct-to-public engagement, especially with their ever-green content. They also told us that they'd like to reach audiences they otherwise may not have in the past using their current communication tools.

By offering page-specific impression targets, we ensure that your sponsored content is seen by some of our 11,000 reporter-registrants browsing the website for story ideas, and by as many members of the public as possible despite their differing browsing habits.

I'm ready. Where do I start?

E-mail us at sponsoredcontent@eurekalert.org and we'll do our best to respond within one business day!

I still have questions...

We'll try our best to answer them. Please contact sponsoredcontent@eurekalert.org and we'll do our best to get back to you within the same business day.